Kindle Fire and Other Great Cyber Monday Deals

Kindle Fire

Cyber Monday isn’t traditionally known for the best technological deals compared with Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean the Amazon Kindle Fire and other products are not available at great prices. In fact, there are a number of offers available, but they will be gone in Cinderella style, by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Amazon Announced Unprecedented Deals

Among some of the biggest shockers this year were the new deals on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. In previous years, Amazon has kept most of its main deals to Black Friday, but this year it has opened them up to Cyber Monday. For one day only, shoppers can get $50 off the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7”, which is normally priced at $229. If you want the new 16GB Fire HD, it is available at a 30 percent discount at just $119.

There are other deals for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, depending on the stores that you want to shop in. Some deals are just a limited time, and they all last while stocks last.

According to Amazon Kindle’s vice president, Neil Lindsay, the products are on offer because of the demand and great reviews. He believes that the new Fire tablets are the best Amazon has ever built.

Galaxy Note Tablets from Samsung

Another company offering great Cyber Monday deals is Samsung. Despite being ordered to pay Apple $290 million at the end of last month, Samsung is offering its 10-inch Galaxy Note tablets at a reduced rate. Similar to the Cyber Monday Amazon Kindle deals, Samsung is offering $50 off its 32GB version, which is usually on offer at $599. The 16GB is available today for $499, again reduced by $50.

Other Samsung tablets are also on offer today, including the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3, which will be available from Walmart from just £159 and the 8-inch version of the same, available from $249.99 from Best Buy. It is worth looking out for stores like Target for other great Samsung offers.

Apple Makes the iPad Appealing

For those who want to stick to Apple and purchase one of the iPads, there are a few deals around. Best Buy has a black or white version of the Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad 2 for less than $400. The new iPad Air is available for $100 more.

If you are looking for the iPad with Retina, Walmart is offering a special bundle. The bundle has the 8-in-1 accessories with the 32GB iPad for just $499. Target also has a deal on the retina versions of the iPad at $579 for the 16GB and $100 more for the 32GB version.

Cyber Monday is a great time to go out shopping for deals, it is important for customers to be quick, as they only last for the day and disappear once out of stock. Technology deals are not the only ones available, with travel being extremely popular right now. However, when it does come to deals on technology devices, such as the Amazon Kindle and other great companies, there is no doubt that this year’s Cyber Monday offers some of the best.

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