Lizards Blink Snakes Don’t

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Lizards Blink Snakes Don’t

There is a difference between legless lizards and snakes, lizards blink, snakes don’t. There are 5,000 different lizard species, it is said a couple of them do not have legs. The ones without legs look like their cousins, the snakes. Snakes are commonly seen with a seemingly blank and unblinking stare. With there being different types, time will tell if the blink will come quickly or if it will be necessary to stand around a while to wait and see.

Snakes have a film over their eyes, so it looks like they are staring at you forever. If you are a little frightened of snakes in general do not wait for the blink, it might be best to walk away.  By the way, Dr. Mike Wall said many legless lizards actually have tiny vestigial limbs, and Fun Facts  said not all lizards blink, apparently all snakes don’t. Lizards and snakes are cousins, their other cousins are amphisbaenid, also known as worm lizards together they are part of the squamate reptile family.

There are other differences between lizards and snakes. Starting with the ears, snakes hear through their skull bones off sounds vibrating from the ground.  Lizards have openings for sound to enter into their body. This makes sense when looking at their eating habits. Snakes tend to eat larger items, mice, rats infrequently. They are probably pretty easy for a snake to hear. Whereas lizards eat more often since their food of choice is small, often insects are the main menu.

On the well-known list the following animals are on the way to becoming extinct; zebras, peacocks, giraffes, hummingbirds, horses, howler monkey, fruit bats, ground squirrel, dolphins, wolf spider, mice, parakeets, crayfish, deer, water buffalo, vultures, hippos, sea lions, gazelle and mockingbirds. Meanwhile there are still 5,000 different types of lizard species and about 3000 known snake species. There must be something to be able to go underground and live. Terms like flourishing and successful  have been used to describe the longevity of squamate reptile ability to expand their presence in the midst of mankind. Considering what the aforementioned animals are going through- it is quite a feat.

Visually other than the ability to blink or not, snakes are usually longer with shorter tails and lizards are the ones with the tails that keep moving after they are cut off. Many of both lizards and snakes can move pretty fast when necessary and they can swim. Being cold-blooded is another shared trait, as well as having the ability to live in many environments with warmth as their preference.

An extreme difference between the two is where they prefer to hangout. Lizards tend to live underground while snakes are limitless with where to go. they have been known to live in treetops, open oceans and on or underground, now that the legless lizards are becoming more popular it might be a good idea to remember the subtle differences if there is a fear of snakes existing. Lizards blink and snakes don’t, resulting in an eternal winner during any blink contest.

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