Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia Knew He Would Die

Ricky "Lord Infamous" Found Dead at 40The death of Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia may have been a shock to many but the rapper had a premonition that his life was soon to end. Ricky “Lord Infamous” Dunigan told fellow rapper and half-brother, DJ Paul, that he felt as if he only had about four months to live.

The 40-year-old rapper was found dead at his mother’s home on Friday night. He had been visiting his mom in Memphis at the time, according to DJ Paul, and said he was tired so he prepped himself for a nap at the kitchen table. He sat down and laid his head on the table to go to sleep and didn’t wake up.

His mother was not home at the time Lord Infamous reportedly suffered a heart attack but came home to find him unresponsive and already dead.

DJ Paul said strange enough he was kind of preparing for it because his brother had spoken about it, but he still couldn’t really believe it. DJ Paul said he’s not sure why, but he had turned his ringer off on his phone and the family had been calling but couldn’t reach him. When he woke up Saturday morning he learned of his death. He said they kept saying “Ricky died.” and he asked “Ricky who?” He didn’t want to believe that they were talking about Lord Infamous; at the same time he said it was kind of crazy and too ironic that he had recently been talking about dying.

Infamous had suffered a stroke and heart attack in 2010 but friends thought his health was on a steady rise.Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia Knew He Would Die

Three 6 Mafia consisted of three original guys who were still making music together. The group started in 1991 in Memphis, Tennessee with Paul “DJ Paul” Beauregard, Jordan “Juicy J” Houston and Ricky “Lord Infamous” Dunigan. Three 6 Mafia was scheduled to perform in a show outside of Memphis next week. They attributed their longevity in the music business due to their combined love for music. They enjoyed doing what they do and loved to make beats.

DJ Paul said this year was going to make their 24th year of rapping together. He said that the music they made together was truly before its time. Three 6 Mafia released several albums including Mystic Stylez, When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1, Choices 1 and 2 and Da Unbreakables. In 2006 DJ Paul and Juicy J won an Oscar for It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp as the best original song on the Hustle and Flow soundtrack.

Juicy J expressed his disbelief of the sudden death of his friend and partner by way of social media. He also thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

DJ Paul said Lord Infamous will be remembered as a pioneer in the rap game, a legend and an icon. He said he was happy that Infamous had the chance to see the group back together and to be in the studio making music like he loved to do before he passed.

Lord Infamous of the famed rap group Three 6 Mafia was found dead at the Memphis home of his mother on Friday. He died at the young age of 40 from a heart attack. While many are shocked by the report of his sudden death, according to his half-brother DJ Paul, the rapper had a premonition that he would die soon.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. yotu   September 19, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Lord Infa,..stayy up Dj Paul, sorry 4 ur loss bro

  2. James   July 24, 2014 at 1:41 pm


  3. Zae-O   January 1, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    R.I.P Lord Infamous aka Scarecrow aka Kiser Sozay…The Mafia raised me lyrically……I miss u too much….Im a rapper also so its more than just another death….Love ya young man…From Charlotte to Memphis…C town Mtown connection….@ZaeOKOC

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