Mandela: A Man Remembered on and off the Screen

Nelson Mandela

While a number of netizens continue to mourn the death of Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, social media networks have also been deluged with sentiments of grief for the passing of Nelson Mandela.  Known around the world as one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, he led the revolution against apartheid.

The former South African President has been reported by the media to have died early Thursday evening at the age of 95. In a televised statement, President Jacob Zuma confirmed the news of Mandela’s passing.  He had been suffering from a chronic lung infection. Apparently, his hospitalization back in June at the Pretoria hospital did not bode well given his condition at the time.

However, the Las Vegas Guardian Express reported June 26, 2013 that Mandela had already passed. According to a trusted and highly-placed South African source, the former President was declared brain-dead by his medical team, following total organ failure.. Members of Mandela’s family refused to turn off his life-support machines or to release information about his death.

Mandela’s family were allegedly obsessed with handling his enormous estate. They had wanted to keep Mandela alive via artificial means until a resolution over a lawsuit could be reached. Due to the greed his family had shown in the past,  He had apparently lost his faith in his granddaughters and daughters.

Despite the cover-up, fans of Mandela, along with a handful of celebrities, were still shocked to learn of his passing. Mandela’s death was considerably surprising, especially for members of the royal family who had been in the UK to attend the premiere of Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom. Aside from Prince William and Kate Middleton, Mandela’s daughter Zindzi was also present at the premiere.

Countless world leaders have shared their sentiments for the passing of Nelson Mandela. U.S. President Barrack Obama has even issued an order that American flags be lowered until Monday as a tribute to the former South African President. In addition, a number of memorials for the anti-apartheid revolutionary leader have emerged from Washington to Chicago. Obviously, Mandela had an astounding impact on Americans.

Despite his death, Mandela leaves a legacy admired and profiled in movies and books around the world. While he is known for a number of awards, there are a few facts that are worth noting about the revolutionist.

On July 18, 1918, Nelson was born to the name “Rolihlahla,” which in the isiXhosa language means “troublemaker.” Mandela certainly lived up to the name; but, of course, the “trouble” he caused had been for the good.

Like a number of college drop outs who have become billionaires in today’s society, Mandela was no different. He attended the prestigious University College of Fort Hare in South Africa. Due to a student boycott, Mandela was expelled; and, thanks to this incident, he fled back to Johannesburg.  At that time, he was subject to an arranged nuptial.

As the film Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom suggests, Mandela’s life was definitely not entirely peaceful. He was long imprisoned on Robben Island, but he did not spend his time idly.  During his imprisonment, Mandela took inspiration from William Ernest Henley’s poem, “Invictus,” and even read this to his fellow inmates. “Invictus,” a poem about never giving up, was perfectly in line with Mandela’s persona and principles.

Before being known as one of the world’s greatest leaders, Mandela was ironically included in the U.S. watch list for terrorists due to his ANC affiliation. ANC was founded by the South African Communist Party, which carried out campaigns of violence against targeted governments. It was only in the year 2008 that he was taken off the list.

The world continues to mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela, who has made a difference by teaching lessons of love, tolerance and patience. His state funeral is scheduled to take place on December 15 where dignitaries from across the world will be in attendance.

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Las Vegas Guardian Express

Las Vegas Guardian Express

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