Michael Schumacher Suffers ‘Relatively Serious’ Head Injuries While Skiing

Michael SchumacherF1 legend Michael Schumacher is currently in a hospital in France after suffering “relatively serious” head injuries while skiing. The driver was in the French Alps on a private slope on Sunday when he reportedly fell and hit his head. RMC, a radio station in the area, reported that he had been taken to a nearby hospital with a trauma center.

Schumacher is best known for his race car driving. He has won seven Formula One championships since starting in 1991. He announced his first retirement in 2006, where he took a three season break before returning to the course. He finally decided it was time to hang up his racing helmet and jumpsuit at the end of the 2012 season.

This is not the first time the legendary racing car driver has been skiing. He is an avid fan and took his 14-year-old son with him. Schumacher loves the French Alps so much that he has his own chalet in the area.

The 44-year-old racer was skiing at Meribel, one of the highest-quality resorts in the area. He was wearing a helmet, which would have helped to lessen the blow to his head during the accident. It took eight minutes for paramedics to get him from the ski slopes to the hospital via helicopter. At the time, the severity of the injuries was unknown. The head injuries Schumacher suffered while skiing were treated as “relatively serious.” It is possible that the injuries were cranial, and he was conscious at the time.

Since being in the hospital, it is confirmed that the injuries were not as serious as initially suspected. However, he will need to take care, as is the case with all head injuries.

Many people may worry about the dangers of skiing; it is considered an adventurous sport. However, according to Dr. Mike Langran, a GP in Scotland who has studied alpine injuries over the last few years, skiing is becoming a much safer sport. The risk of death while taking part in alpine sports combined is one in a million, while the risk of injury is three in a thousand. This is extremely low when compared to more common, daily forms of sport, including football.

Meribel is one of the most renowned ski resorts in the country and is popular for all its pistes. These can be extremely dangerous, and at first nobody could confirm whether Schumacher’s injuries were sustained on one of them. It is now confirmed that it was off-piste and was on a trail instead.

While he was the only person to suffer an injury, he was not alone. It was fortunate that others were around to alert the medical services so quickly.

Schumacher has been involved in accidents outside of car racing before. After first announcing retirement, he was involved in a motorbike crash. He was testing a Spanish circuit, but sustained no serious injuries.

The head injuries Schumacher has suffered while skiing are still considered “relatively serious,” but he is likely to make a full recovery. So far, very limited information has been released from the French hospital treating him.

By Alexandria Ingham

Daily News

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