Miley Cyrus Might Cure Censorship

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Miley Cyrus might just be the cure for censorship in the United States. Based on her posts to Twitter, it is clear that she has at least a professed commitment to that cause.  Assuming that she is as an educated woman who is willing to assume responsibility for her actions, it is not a stretch to believe that she is well on her way to accomplishing her goal. At every juncture in United States history where strides were made in the area of overcoming censorship, somebody’s behavior was considered obscene. It was considered obscene right up until the point where it was no longer considered obscene and then it was groundbreaking.

She has certainly gone about it in the right way. She began by going out on national television and shocking the public into taking notice of her. That done, no matter what things they had to say about her, they were talking about her. She had always been recognized as a musical talent. Once she coupled all of that attention with a legitimate product like her own talent, she was able to create an instant fan base, probably double in size, due to her youthful Disney Channel followers,with a lot more buying power. What is more to the point, however, is that she had a platform for the cause she was about to make her own and an image that made her an ideal champion. Miley Cyrus really might just be the cure for censorship in the United States.

She is young enough for even all of this to have been the experiment of a wild youth, trying too hard to overcome her Disney image, should she ever choose to go that way. All indications are that she is smarter than that, though, and will not likely go that route. She does have, at this time and place, a pretty good projected trajectory toward her stated goal of breaking the next ground in the battle against censorship.

Cyrus has championed the cause of talented director Lina Esco and her film, “Free the Nipple,” toward her stated end. She is making all of the right moves if it truly was her intention to get where she is, fighting for the cause she professes. Even if it was not, she has not made any truly self-destructive moves, or done more than expose herself. From a woman who grew up exposed to the world as the daughter of a celebrity and then as a celebrity herself, it is hard to see what difference a little more exposure could make. It is especially difficult to see the harm if done in pursuit of a good cause.

It is even more difficult to argue with her actions, once put into perspective. If you are opposed to censorship, it is difficult to present a coherent argument against her. If you are in favor of it, it is difficult to present a coherent argument for your point of view in an era where images and information are immediately available for consumption everywhere from on a phone to in a cinema. As difficult as it is to swallow for those who are determined to be offended by her, it is difficult not to face the possibilities she presents. It may very well be the case that Miley Cyrus is the cure for censorship in the United States.

By Jim Malone


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