Miley Cyrus Nipples on Parade in Adore You (Video)

Warning: This Video Could Offend Some Viewers

Miley Cyrus Nipples on Parade

Miley Cyrus and her latest music video Adore You was uploaded on VEVO on Dec. 26 and it could have been titled Nipples on Parade instead of Adore You. It could also have been titled self-love or how to make a do-it-yourself masturbation video for the internet. The 21 year-old former Hannah Montana continues to shock with her explicit sexuality and she has proven time and again that she isn’t ashamed of it. We have the video below and it should be noted that parental guidance is advised before watching.

The ex Disney child-star uploaded several “teaser” video clips of her latest release from the Bangerz album. These “runner-up” videos gave nine second glimpses of her upcoming track. The second clip showed the young performer slipping her fingers beneath her panties before the camera breaks away from the shot. This apparent on screen mastaburtory mimicking is, perhaps, the most shocking part of the music video.

While Cyrus has opted to keep some clothes on in her latest musical appearance, the clothing she’s opted for consists of a see-through bra and small panties that may, or may not, be transparent. Thankfully, there is no chance to see for sure as the viewers attention is captured by the sight of the singer’s nipples standing stiffly at attention under the translucent brassiere.

In Miley’s earlier video, she appeared naked except for a pair of brown Doc Martens and a giant wrecking ball, which only just covered her “lady bits.” The video, despite the not so wholesome nudity, was pretty tame compared with her gyrations on Adore You. Throughout the entire music video Cyrus kneads and squeezes her breasts repeatedly. It is no wonder that her nipples stand out through the diaphanous fabric of her bra. Her ode to any post-pubescent schoolboy’s, or schoolgirl’s for that matter, mastaburtory dreams is disturbing on a completely new level.

Thankfully her pre-emptive move towards the on-camera caressing of her nether regions only happens once, although, it could have been more as the viewers attention is riveted to the sight of Cyrus “sensuously” fondling her boobs. Besides the fact that Miley has decided to put her nipples on parade in her Adore You video she also apparently wants her fans to see just how many tattoos adorn her 21 year-old body.

While having body ink is not an issue with most people, the imagery of Cyrus fondling herself while singing about adoring “you” is a bit over the top. The video also seems to send a mixed message. The presence of a film camera, which enables her to film her own “selfie” while caressing and crooning about love, combined with her actions almost seem to indicate that she adores herself versus another person.

That may be the message. Miley has said all along that she knows what she is doing, damn it. Like parents have told children ever since Cain put an end to his brother Abel, if a person doesn’t love themselves they will never be happy, and Miley is happy. At least she appears to be, inspite of her teary rendition of Wrecking Ball. The music video for Adore You lasts for four minutes and 38 seconds.

The footage looks like something that would appear on a “soft porn” site. Watching the video makes two things immediately apparent. One, Miley should never allow herself to be shot in sepia tones – the modern version of black and white – and she definitely has no issues with exhibiting her sexuality. Although that was obvious from her controversial MTV VMA performance.

Miley Cyrus and her latest music video really should have been titled Nipples on Parade instead of Adore You . There is, however, one point of confusion. After watching Miley fondling her boobs through the vast majority of the video, it seems that she’s singing about loving her breasts and not necessarily herself or another individual. Watch the video below and see what you think.

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By Michael Smith

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13 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Nipples on Parade in Adore You (Video)"

  1. michaelanthonyfairbanks   December 26, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    I don’t see the fuss. To start, it is a song I heard once (just now) and didn’t find it to be anything different than what I hear in the department store as I hold my wife’s purse during the time she tries on clothing. Just give me a comfy chair so I can take a quick nap.

    Secondly, I’ve actually seen nude women that age and up. Cyrus wasn’t very nude in that video. I think that when I was ten I might have stared a little harder, but since about the age of 17 I’ve seen a lot more than that, so her video does nothing for me (but then, I’m a man, not a boy).

    Thirdly, I’ll give credit to the producer for making what could possibly be the least expensive music video in history: one bright light, a sheet, a bathtub, and grandma’s underwear. That’s some serious cost-cutting. Well-done on that front.

    Finally, I find it pure genius how she and Justin Bieber have created a scenario in which they can no longer be separated visually. Could they be the same person? Let’s see: short hair, somewhat feminine, skinny with no curves. Yep, that’s pretty much Justin and Miley. The ultimate morph. It’s smart, really, because now either one of them can go on tour for each other, which leaves the other free to relax somewhere. Seriously, unless you’re in the first couple rows you won’t notice the difference. Heck, they seem to even have the same voice. Wait a minute! Maybe we’re all fools for thinking there were two separate talents in the first place. doh!

    So, there you have it: This American man isn’t shocked, excited, impressed, or any of that other stuff. I put Matrix Revolutions (that I’ve seen a few times) on hold for this? Bummer. Now I’ll go watch a real woman (the lady in The Matrix).

    Miley Cyrus is boring, and the writers who lead me to this video are scoundrels, too. They hyped up a video that is no different than what Madonna was doing thirty years ago.

    On second thought, I should watch that again. I have insomnia and it might help.

  2. Joe   December 26, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    What an ugly little girl. It’s a good thing that she is in love with herself – that way, she won’t ever have to worry about being starved for attention. I weep for the future …

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