Moon Signs Can Help You Understand Yourself


Many people know what their astrological sun sign is, but have no idea what their moon sign is. People may not have ever even heard of having a moon sign. Just as an astrological sun sign is based upon the position of the sun at the time a person is born, a moon sign is the zodiac phase of the moon at time of birth.  Despite the moon sign being lesser known, its’ influence on our lives is no less significant. Understanding your moon sign can help you understand yourself and the underpinnings of your behavior.

Determining a moon sign is not as simple as finding a sun sign. When someone refers to themselves as a Scorpio they are referring to their sun sign, or zodiac sign.

Special tables are frequently used to determine an individual’s moon sign. There are calculators that can be accessed online which are usually accurate. The moon sign takes into account not just the birthday, but the time and place of birth as well.

A sun sign gives a general description of a personality or temperament as a fairly static trait, whereas a moon sign it indicates the emotional, reactionary, and learned side of an individual.

When a sun and moon sign are taken together they provide a much more complete picture of a person. The personality profile obtained in this manner goes from very generic to very dynamic. A sun sign is likely to indicate predispositions, such as to highly value family relationships or be geared towards a career in science; whereas moon signs might suggest a person speaks before thinking or acts based mainly upon gut instinct.

moonFor any balanced skeptic of astrology it would be premature to dismiss any credibility in readings without looking at both the sun and moon positions. Identifying your moon sign accurately can help you to understand yourself.

Moon phases are largely responsible for our weather, our tides, and possibly human behavior. Any emergency room staff can attest to consistent, yet subjective evidence that the moon or a full moon at least, affects people.

Most research suggests that there is no correlation between moon phases and human biology or behavior. These studies may be looking for one consistent effect where the effects are actually continually modified based upon the moon. There is no control group to see how people behave without any possible influence from the pull from the moon, so it is like trying to compare times where there is greater influence to times when there is a lesser one. This creates a permanent flaw in any study that can be conducted.

It seems obvious though that somewhere free will still comes into play. The position of the moon is not going to force anyone to do anything, but it can possibly slant things. Random occurrences like someone being born as or becoming a sociopath is not likely due to moon phase. However, just as sunlight is able to affect human physiology and mood, the pull of the moon may also; this force is just harder to measure.moon

Moon signs can help you to understand yourself, but will not ever be able to paint the whole picture. There is still a great deal of power in the free will of man and the influence of any given individual’s life experiences. However, a purist might argue that all of those life experiences were controlled by the moon as well.


By Lara Stielow


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