Nairobi Bus Explosion Is Suspected Grenade Attack

nairobiA bus has exploded in Nairobi, and a grenade attack is currently the suspected reason. So far, four people have been confirmed dead, according to county police commander, Benson Kibui.

No details have been shared as of yet, expect that it looked like a grenade attack. There are reports that a grenade was thrown on the 32-seater bus. It was heading to a Somali area in Kenya.

This is not the first attack in the Eastleigh area of the Kenyan capital. There have been several attacks in this year alone, which have been blamed on the al-Shabab militant group linked to al-Qaeda.

Many people have been taken to hospitals nearby, according to journalist, Mohammed Dahir. He also explained that the bus has been shredded to pieces from the explosion and a body was found close to the vehicle.

The Nairobi bus explosion is a suspected grenade attack right now, but there are currently no confirmed reports yet.

By Alexandria Ingham



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