New York Train Derailment Near the Bronx

New York Train Derailment near the Bronx

The latest news about the suburban New York train which derailed in the Bronx on Sunday is that at least four people have died and 64 are listed as injured; 11 of them are in critical condition, state authorities have said.

Each of the seven train cars from the Metro-North system overturned from a huge rounded portion of track at 7:20 a.m. in northern New York around 100 yards from the Metro Spuyten station, which is located in the Bronx region, explained a Metro North spokesperson. That is a supplementary part of New York State’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority or the MTA.

Another spokesperson, who was talking for the New York City fire department, established the number of dead as being at four and added that 11 others were listed as being in critical condition. He stated that six were said to be in serious condition, but had non-life threatening injuries. The other 46 that were hurt received slight wounds.

The train was only about half full when it crashed, having around 150 passengers on board, the MTA released to the public.

New York City Fire Commissioner Salvatore Joseph Cassano has been reported as saying that if it had been a workday, when the train would have been at full capacity, the crash would have been much worse, a total disaster.

There was at least one rail car lying toppled nearby the edge of a river. Police and numerous other rescue personnel were searching for any survivors who might have been alongside the shore.

The New York Police Department had sent divers into the water near the accident scene, and there were dozens of firefighters on the scene helping get people out of the wreckage. So far, there have been no passengers found in the water.

Back in July of this year, there was a CSX freight train of which 10 cars derailed in the same area. However, it was only carrying loads of trash. Limited service was able to be reestablished four days later, but total service was not returned for over seven days.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo went to the scene of the train’s accident today and stated that his prayers and thoughts were with the dead and injured individuals in the crash.

He added that he believed that everyone had been accounted for. He stated that rescue workers had gone over the crash site numerous times, but that a detailed investigation was still going on.

The MTA said specifics about how the accident might impact the morning shuttle on Monday were unavailable at the present time.

Amtrak explained that its Empire Line Service was presently being run between New York City and Albany, New York. Amtrak’s service between Washington and Boston was not affected.

Those who were hurt in the crash were transported to nearby hospitals.

The train had seven cars and was a diesel. The locomotive was set on the north side and pushed cars toward the south. It was not scheduled to stop in the Bronx, the MTA also has said.

By Kimberly Ruble

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