Newcastle United FC Might Lose Cabaye

NewcastleWith the January transfer window approaching, many believe that Newcastle United FC might lose their star midfielder, Yohan Cabaye, to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) or Arsenal. After both clubs showed interest last summer, rumors that they might renew attempts to sign the Newcastle star have been non-stop. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated that he no longer has any interest in light of the signing of Mesut Ozil last summer. His backhanded compliments in the media in recent weeks mentioning Ozil needing to adjust to the physical play of the English Premier League (EPL) leave some doubt that Wenger is truly as enamored of the expensive midfielder as he professes. There are not many who are convinced that they are truly out of the race for Cabaye, particularly in light of Cabaye’s stated interest in Champions League play.

According to reports in the Evening Chronicle, Cabaye’s representatives came to an agreement with Alan Pardew and the Newcastle club stating that he would stick with them until at least next summer. Though it is unlikely that Arsenal will actually pursue Cabaye vigorously barring a serious injury to Ozil, the same cannot be said of French League big-spenders PSG. In comments made to BeIN SPORT, Cabaye was effusive in his praise of the French champions. His comments made mention of his hope that they would win the Champions League, and were taken by many to mean that he intended to join them for that run. It may all be speculation, but where there is this much smoke in regard to the EPL January transfer window, there is usually fire. If Newcastle FC were to lose Cabaye in January, it might mean disaster for their hopes of continued success this season.

Pardew has expressed his confidence that Cabaye will stay with the club, acknowledging his pivotal role in directing the Newcastle squad on a week-to-week basis. He has indicated that he feels that Cabaye is benefiting from his “pole position” on the squad this year. He expressed that he feels the experience wielding such responsibility would not be possible in a larger club. Given the level that Cabaye continues to play at, however, that may well be wishful thinking. Many believe that Cabaye could very easily distinguish himself on any side, in any of the leagues in Europe. If he gives the type of performance he has been giving in Newcastle for the French National Team in Brazil at the World Cup this summer, there will be virtually nobody that will doubt it. If Cabaye should stay the length of his supposed agreement with Newcastle management, his price tag after the World Cup could be significantly higher than it will be if he were to go in January.

Whether it is in January, or over next summer, it seems unlikely that Newcastle will keep Cabaye going into next season. There are some significantly deep pockets that appear to be pursuing him, and sooner or later a deal will almost certainly be done. Whatever might happen, however, Pardew and the Newcastle United FC will continue to take advantage of what Cabaye can do for them right up until the point that they lose him.

By Jim Malone