Arizona Teen Murdered by Her Mother on Christmas Day

Arizona Teen Murdered by Her Mother on Christmas Day

An Arizona teen girl, Aniarael Macias, 13, has been found murdered, and her mother has been arrested in her killing. Connie Villa, 35, is also allegedly charged with stabbing her ex-husband and attempting to murder her other children as well by giving them poison on Christmas Day.

Police officials located in Casa Grande, Arizona were responding to an emergency call placed by a man. He stated that his wife had stabbed him with a knife but that he had somehow managed to get away. He was attempting to drive himself to a nearby hospital, said Arizona police in a press release.

When investigators made it to the Villa home, they discovered Connie Villa with stab lacerations. She was holding a knife to her chest. They were able to subdue her and then proceeded to conduct a sweep of the house. Police found the deceased body of Aniarael Macias, Connie Villa’s daughter, inside one of the bathrooms.

Even though there was an autopsy performed on Aniarael yesterday in Pima County, Arizona, investigators were not able to pinpoint an exact cause of death. Police authorities believe evidence that was discovered at the crime scene along with interviews they conducted and medical information they received on the surviving children gives the police department probable cause to be certain Connie Villa was in the process of attempting to end all the lives of her children and also her ex-husband, Adam Villa.

Connie Villa now is faced with one charge of first degree murder in Aniarael’s death. She is also going to be accused of four counts of attempted murder of her ex-husband and her three living children, who range in age from 3 to 8.

Arizona police officials state that Connie forced all four of the children to ingest prescription narcotic drugs. The three surviving children had small amounts of opiates in each of their systems.

All three of them have been reported to be in good condition and have been placed with their father’s family members. Adam Villa, 33, has been described as being in stable condition.

Connie Villa was released on Sunday from an Arizona medical center. She had been treated for stab wounds, which police detectives’ state they believe were self-inflicted. Mrs. Villa was then arrested on the very same day, and ended up making her first court appearance. She was not allowed any amount of bail due to the severity of the crimes she committed.

Aniarael’s father, Michael Macias, released a statement asking for privacy and prayers.

He stated that Aniarael’s extended family requested the attention of this horrible tragedy to instead be a celebration of Ania’s life. He stated that the young teenager was a kind, gentle and beautiful spirit who was taken away much too soon. He said that he and his entire family were completely heartbroken over such events.

This Arizona teen, who was murdered by her mother on Christmas Day, has become the subject of an outpouring of grief. The family of Aniarael Macias released the statement in hopes that the media and other outlets would allow them to grieve in some sort of peace. They did want the general public to know that they thank everyone for all the outpouring of support and say it is very much appreciated. The family just hopes now that justice will be served.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. TLD   December 31, 2013 at 1:43 am

    It should be legal to just beat that sack of worthless garbage to death and chuck her in the nearest incinerator sans fanfare. There is no reason, defect or excuse that make this disgusting pile of human feces worth the most basic of human decencies.

    At the very least her cell should be wallpapered with the photos of her disgusting act of cowardice.

    May there be a hell for her to rot in.

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