Newton Sandy Hook Elementary 911 Tapes Released

Tapes from callers inside Sandy Hook Elementary posted on city website

911Tapes of Sandy Hook Shooting Released

After all the legal wrangling, the tapes from that fateful day in Newton,CT have been released to the public, as reported by the Huffington Post.

On Dec.14, 2012, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and proceeded to shoot 20 children and six teachers. Later investigation revealed Lanza shot his mother in their home that morning before turning his semiautomatic rifle on the children and teachers at sandy Hook. The gunman ended his attack by committing suicide.

There has been an ongoing battle to have the 911 tapes from that tragic day released. Many were afraid doing so would sensationalize the tragedy. However,the tapes reveal calm and focused operators speaking with several of the people trapped in that school that day. The callers are assured that assistance is en route, and advised to take cover remain hidden.

The Associated Press sued for release of the tapes over objections from prosecutors. A federal court ordered the release last week and they have been posted to a town website.


By Brandi Tasby

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