Newtown has Spoken, Deserves Moment of Silence

NewtownThe citizens of Newtown have spoken every day for a year now, and they say they deserve a moment of silence. Today, in a press conference, they asked for one. They have poured out their experiences, their perspectives and their pain in response to the avalanche of attention turned their way on the worst day of their lives. They kept it together, somehow, when the cumulative weight of the eyes of the world fell on them. They recognized the need to let the world grieve with them, not that there was any choice. Saturday, on the anniversary of the day the world fell upon them at the same time their worlds fell apart, they have asked for a moment of silence. They would like to light a candle.

For our sweet Charlotte, our beautiful little girl Jessica, on behalf of Jessie Lewis. For our daughter Emily, my mom Dawn Hochsprung.

The citizens of Newtown have spoken to the descending hordes. They have allowed a nation of instant voyeurs to come into their town and live there, every day, for the last year. They have, for a year, put on their earrings and lipstick for every walk to the corner convenience store, knowing that there was always the chance of a camera lurking between home and the corner. Well-wishers and parasites alike, the sheer volume of attention could have broken them. It did not. They were strong enough for themselves and for the entire world that was watching as well. They have asked for one moment over the course of a year; one anniversary.  They need one brief day of respite, one moment of silence. After having spoken to the world for a year, Newtown deserves a moment of silence.

For my older sister Victoria, my sweet boy Jack. For our beautiful girl Grace, our gorgeous daughter Avielle. 

The citizens of Newtown have spoken of their gratitude. They have dealt publicly and gracefully with the sudden influx of , well everyone.  They were not ungrateful. They were not unappreciative, or unwilling to acknowledge the overwhelming outpouring of support, even when they were overwhelmed. They have accepted their part in the grieving process of a nation, and played it in every magazine and on every station. On every frequency, and every social media outlet that exists, they have provided content with their lives for a world remotely engaged in vicarious mourning. They have watched the world adopt their families as their own, and provide for them. That is not forgotten for an instant. It never could be. They have asked for a moment of silence. They are going to light a candle.

A candle for our beautiful daughter Ana. Una vela para Ana.

The citizens of Newtown have spoken of their desire, today, to provide a place for people of their community to honor those lost in whichever way each family feels is appropriate.  They have, out of necessity, provided a method of making media inquiries that allows the onslaught to be filtered through one manageable portal. Along with their request, they have offered an outlet for the attention of the world that does not consume their own, a website. It is ironic that they have had to manage logistics for the influx of support and attention, but they have done so with poise. They approached the world today with a genuine concern for those that have identified with them, and grieved with them They came asking a simple favor. They wanted to light a candle.

For our sweet son Daniel, my daughter Lauren, for Chase. For our irrepressible Benny.

For nearly a year now, the world has asked, and the town has answered. There could not possibly be a media outlet in the world that would say that they have not had ample time to ask  any question in the world that can’t keep for a while. Newtown has spoken to the world for a year, and they deserve that moment of silence. 

An Editorial By Jim Malone



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