North Korea Executes Leader of Country

North Korea Executes Leader of Country

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has had one of his uncles executed, it is being reported by North Korea’s government-run news agency.

Jang Song Thaek, also a leader of the country, was called a traitor and accused of trying to take over the government state by “all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods”.

Jang, age 67, was executed only four days after being indicted for anti-state activities. He was removed from all his posts and arrested while attending a political meeting of the North Korean ruling party. Kim Jong Un, age 30 was allegedly presiding over the conference.

Although North Koreans thought that Jang’s fall from grace was already evident, witnesses of the solitary nation had believed that he would not be executed since he was the husband of Kim Kyoung Hui. She is the sister of Kim’s father and late predecessor, Kim Jong Il.

United States intelligence officials stated they were unable to confirm that the execution had happened but did not have any reason to distrust the reports.

Such an event has been called shocking shocking, but it appears Kim Jong Un is resolute in his ideals to show up whoever contests his solitary leadership. He is going to punish them without any sympathy, stated Kim Yong Hyun, who is a North Korea professor of studies at Dongguk University.

The North Korean government held a special military court of law against Jang Song Thaek and there he was declared a “traitor for all ages”.  It was also reported by the government-run news agency that Kim Jong Un’s uncle admitted to “All the crimes committed by the accused were proved in the course of hearing”.

A news report from North Korea labeled Jang as being despicable human scum and who was worse than a dog. He was also accused of betraying both his leader and his party.

Jang Song Thaek, who had been married to Kim’s aunt, was the vice chairman of North Korea’s choice military and had often been shown next to Kim, who has been the ruler of North Korea since his father died back in 2011.

This news arrives just days after Jang Son Thaek was forcibly removed from his military position.

John Park, who is a Northeast Asia analyst who is located at Harvard School of Government, stated that this seems that Kim Jong Un is removing all of the old guard which were close to his father and now is finalizing the making of his own inner circle..

Kim indicted Jang and his associates of double-dealing behind the scenes. He said they were selling North Korea’s resources at cut-rate prices, in turn threatening the country and its financial development.

It was also reported that Jang had urgently worked to create a secret group within the party by making up deception about him and thus winning the faith of those who were “weak”.

The government run news source rebuked Jang for having inappropriate relations with numerous women, abusing drugs, excessive gambling, eating at lavish restaurants and receiving medical treatment in foreign countries.

Two partners of Jang, Jang Soo Kee Lee Yong Ha, had been recently executed as well, South Korean lawmakers reported.

The lawmakers stated that they had a conference meeting with South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, although this has not been independently confirmed.

North Korea is a country which is cloaked in secrecy. It is involved in a long-drawn-out deadlock with South Korea and also the powers in the West over the nuclear weapons program it has.

The tension between North and South Korea ascended to new heights this year as Pyongyang responded indignantly to constricting United Nations authorizations which were put in place in response to North Korea’s most recent nuclear tests.

The two sides actually are still at war even after all this time from the Korean War, since it ended by a truce and not a treaty in 1953.

It had been reported before that Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il had objected to Jang’s marriage into the family.

Jang’s execution’s timing, which happening exactly five days before the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death, just seems to solidify that  Kim Jong Un’s era has truly began.

By Kimberly Ruble


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