iOS Gets New GTA V San Andreas

GTA V San Andreas for iOSRockstar Games’ newest release of their GTA V game is now available for iOS. This is the first launch of the game on a mobile platform. Releases for other platforms will soon follow the iOS release. Rockstar has future plans for releasing versions for Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle devices.

The GTA game was first released back in 2004 for the now legacy gaming unit, the Playstation 2. Since then, the game has been reworked with much improved graphics and a larger draw-distance to help improve the in-game dynamics. To further enhance the graphics from the earlier versions, Rockstar added-in highly detailed shadows. Characters updates and new car models further enhanced the game to where it is now considered one of the fastest selling games in history.

San Andreas is the name of the fictional virtual city in the popular game and mocks any southern California city location. Rockstar has now really succeeded to incorporate as much roll-playing game (RPG) features that are true in real life. Working for wealth, choice of an individual’s character’s clothing and the ability to gain weight from over-eating are just some of the ways the gaming leader improved their RPG programming. This introduces an element of realism with body image consciousness that teens may be able to identify with more quickly than with other games.

Rockstar released their full latest GTA V game just two months ago. Sales of the game hit over a record $1 billion in just three short days after its launch.

The GTA V: San Andreas iOS version has been deployed for touchscreen interaction with its players. This version gets a new checkpoint system that is said to be a lot more forgiving as it was in the past. As expected, two control schemes are included in this mobile release, one for driving and one for being on-foot.

GTA V: San Andreas will not work on iPhone 4 or earlier models, but it will support all iPad models. The new release also supports all Apple-approved controllers from iOS 7+. There is an ever-growing list of controllers made specifically for iPads, iPod and iPhones that will offer a gamer the choice of playing by touch screen or to use a more familiar controller to the larger GTA V game.

Notes taken from the release suggest the game is a heavy 1.63GB in size. Graphics have been re-mastered and the app offers some cloud saving and syncing functions to help a player sync with other devices and locations.

Rockstar announced their mobile plans last month and said that the mobile versions will be the best-looking version of the virtual city of San Andreas to date.

Rockstar released GTA: Vice City around the same time last year. The new iOS version of GTA V San Andreas gets a U.S. price tag of $6.99. Roll-outs of the game have started to happen in countries around the world. To check if the game is available just visit the Apple Store. The date for releasing the game on other device platforms was not given.

By Brent Matsalla

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