Obesity and Health Can No Longer Be Used in the Same Sentence


According to a recent study, obesity and health can no longer be used in the same sentence. A Canadian report has stated that the belief people can continue to be healthy whilst being overweight or obese is, in actual fact, a myth.

The data has suggested that enlarged body weight is not a harmless condition, “even in the absence of metabolic abnormalities.” It argues that healthy obesity or benign obesity is a false notion that is used in order to describe obese people who do not display the common abnormalities linked to obesity.

Even without symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or other metabolic conditions, the research has proven that overweight and obese people do suffer from higher rates of death, heart attack and stroke.

Researcher Dr. Ravi Retnakaran, an associate professor of medicine from the University of Toronto, stated that the research has found that individuals who are categorized as obese, but are metabolically healthy, are still at a greater risk of “death and cardiovascular events over the long term” in comparison to those of a normal weight who are classified as metabolically healthy.

The answer to surface for the seemingly healthy obese population, is that they have low levels of some risk factors, but that they worsen over time, which is why they report that obesity and health can no longer be used in the same sentence. This analysis is welcomed by many researchers who believe this study has come just at the right time, given the recent attention to the belief that people can benefit from chronic obesity.

Not all weight gain is harmful, which is also an explanation as to why some people with obesity appear healthy. This is dependent upon genes, hormones, levels of activity and sources of calories. For example, weight gain at lower levels is metabolically harmless for younger women. However, weight gain of fat in the liver at lower levels can be harmful.

There are many different ways to tackle obesity through exercise and diet. Healthy lifestyle practices are reported to be an excellent way to lose weight, rather than focusing on the loss of weight itself.

ObesityAmerican actress and television presenter, Maria Menounos, has one of the greatest bodies on our screens. She said that weight loss is all about feeling healthy, and with that results will follow because it becomes more enjoyable than sweating over a bad choice. She also claimed it is because you feel better within yourself, which makes being healthy less of a strain to upkeep. Wanting to be healthier therefore means putting less pressure on what the scales are reading, and more on feeling great.

With the new Canadian study showing that obesity and health can no longer be used in the same sentence, people may be more inclined to think about their health more carefully. Obesity leads to higher rates off death, heart attacks and strokes, whether people are showing abnormalities or not. Therefore obesity needs to be tackled head on, and the myth that it could be beneficial needs to be completely eradicated. Otherwise, people will continue to ignore their growing health problems before it is too late to change.


By Melissa McDonald


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