OSU Show is Live!

OSU Live Show
OSU band

Saturday night football did not disappoint and when it comes to OSU, the show is live.  It was loud when Auburn defeated Alabama, especially on the OSU buses headed home from Michigan. After Auburn defeated Alabama, within the last second and a chance of a lifetime, the lesson plan was made for the Buckeyes. They must beat Michigan State in the coming Big Ten championship.

Two teams remain undefeated, Florida State and OSU, with Auburn having one loss but defeating the #1 team in the nation.

Buckeyes, ranked third and undefeated, have set a new school record with 23 games won, since the last loss in January 2012 at the Gator Bowl. Braxton Miller, the quarterback, and Carlos Hyde, the running back, along with Ryan Shazier, the linebacker, keep the team on track. Urban Meyer, coach for Ohio State may remind his team of what went down in 1969 at the Michigan Stadium. OSU lost. History and the biggest upset of the rivalries help to remind them what could happen.

The live show, though, given out by OSU players last Saturday night kept the attention on OSU football. Two players Marcus Hall, a lineman, and Dontre Wilson, a receiver, apologized for throwing punches, along with a Michigan player Royce Jenkins-Stone, a back-up linebacker. Hall, a senior apologized on his twitter to Ohio State University, University of Michigan, teammates, family, fans and TV audiences.

The office of the Big Ten issued a reprimand to Marcus Hall (for flipping off Michigan fans) and the Ohio State coaching staff. No players will be suspended for the upcoming Saturday games.

Live Show
OSU cheerleaders

There is more to this OSU show, Lenee Buchman was fired on Monday, after the game. The head cheer leading coach used poor judgement, when two assistants were fired in May and she still had them around her students. The reason for firing was sexual harassment. Her students were then exposed to this assistant coach at a camp run by him in August, when she took them there. The second assistant fired, came to a practice and Lenee Buchman, didn’t ask him to leave. Ms. Buchman was instructed to attend mandatory sexual-harassment training, when she failed to report a male cheerleaders complaints of harassment by an assistant.

A cheerleader was kicked off the team this past summer, and complained that Buchman had retaliated, due to his accusations against one of the fired assistants. OSU Athletic Director, Gene Smith reviewed the circumstances and came to the initial conclusion. They stood behind the firing of the two assistants for sexual harassment, the student cheerleader and now, the head coach.

It will be a game to watch this coming Saturday and also the half-time show. The love-hate relationship of OSU vs. Michigan started a long time ago. It is Michigan’s band which first introduced the scripted Ohio to them and they in turn adopted it. The OSU show will be live.

OSU Moonwalk Half-time
Moon Walk Half-Time Show

The OSU band puts on half-time shows, which show case creativity. How about a reenactment of the civil war, complete with canons being fired and soldiers from both armies? The OSU band is live and has had Mario Bros., Pac-Man and Zelda, video games, along with a movie tribute and a Michael Jackson tribute, highlighted at half-time. The movie half-time show is on You-tube and has 14 million views.

This live show is a traditional Saturday game of football, between two rivals, which dates back from the late 1800’s. It is always played around Thanksgiving time and keeps fans glued to the television. The latest game won by OSU, by a mere point, continues this rivalry. The final score was OSU 42, and Michigan 41.

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