Paul Walker: the Star’s Best Moments

Paul Walker the star's best moments

The shock over the premature demise of Paul Walker led to an outpouring of emotion from friends, family and fans alike. Fanatics of the high octane franchise Fast & Furious continue to mourn Walker’s death, as preparations for the star’s private funeral service continue.

Walker was tragically killed in a car accident on Nov. 30 – an event that also claimed the life of friend and business ally Roger Rodas, who was said to be at the wheel of the vehicle. The pair were traveling through Santa Clarita, California, in a Carrera GT Porsche when it careened out of control and subsequently impacted a light pole.

The chairman of Universal Pictures, Donna Langley, recently announced the studio would be donating some of the proceeds from the DVD, Blu-ray and digital release sales of their 2013 blockbuster hit Fast and Furious 6 to Walker’s nonprofit charity, Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW).

In addition, a number of fans have been planning tribute events dedicated to the illustrious Takers actor. 18-year-old Lorenzo Garcia recently organized a charitable cruise – kicking off at Lansdowne Mall in Richmond – with a fitting denouement that showcased the very first Fast & Furious movie at Autoform Performance in Vancouver. On the team’s Facebook site, they claim to have generated a sum total of $1,320, which is set to be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

With a slew of charitable events, tributes and memorials taking place to mourn Walker’s loss, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate the man’s life. Here, we briefly cover some of the movie icon’s best moments.

The ‘Lopez Tonight’ Appearance

Paul Walker came across as a reserved individual and held his family’s wellbeing and privacy with the utmost regard. However, he seemed to approach every situation with a warm smile and his humor consistently shone through.

When he made an appearance on the Lopez Tonight show, on May 5. 2011, Walker was able to demonstrate his comedic prowess, in all of its endearing glory.

Paul Walker’s Interview with Empire Magazine

During one of Walker’s last interviews with Empire Magazine, he described, what he perceived to be, two different varieties of people that approached him – the “fans” and the “celebrity freaks.” He then went on to encapsulate his personal love for his die-hard fans, especially the ones that called him by his Fast & Furious character name Brian.

Walker also talked about some of the incredibly ambitious action sequences featured in the film, and his astonishment upon learning that film Director Justin Lin had planned their inclusion.

The Vin Diesel Impersonation

Walker, again, shows his funny side in the next clip, as he attempts a rather poor (albeit humorous) impersonation of Fast & Furious co-star, and mighty Riddick actor, Vin Diesel. Donning a muscle suit and makeshift bald cap, Walker desperately tries to contain his laughter.

The “It’s Diesel time” catchphrase is also a nice touch.

Paul Walker Blooper Compilation

The next Paul Walker blooper compilation shows the 40-year-old was as much of a joker onset, as he was behind the scenes. The reel shows the stars of the Fast & Furious franchise laughing, joking and playfully teasing one another. A few of the famous faces from the clip include Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jordana Brewster.

Walker’s unorthodox laugh, during the clip’s conclusion, is, undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the entire comedy montage.

ROWW Foundation

Of course, Walker’s charitable contributions were many and varied, and certainly cannot be placed into the bracket of a singular “best moment.” Reflecting back on some of the remarkable accomplishments he has achieved, it becomes glaringly obvious that he was a profoundly passionate and altruistic individual.

Walker was famously quoted as having articulated the following sentiments:

“When you put good will out there it is amazing what can be accomplished.”

Frankly, Walker was a man that walked the walk and delivered on his promises, having taken a hands-on approach to a number of ROWW projects. In addition, the actor previously earned EMT certification and had even expressed a desire to train as a paramedic.

ROWW is a nonprofit foundation that was established by Walker in 2009, instituted with the primary ambition of offering humanitarian aid to disaster-struck countries across the globe. The California-based team comprises of volunteer EMTs, doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and construction workers.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, ROWW dispatched first responders to the devastated region. The charitable organization is also known for conducting relief efforts in Chile, Indonesia, the Philippines, and a number of locations throughout the United States.

Thankfully, the actor’s legacy will endure. According to J.D. Dorfman, ROWW’s operations manager, the support the organization has received in recent days “… has been overwhelming.” In the wake of Walker’s death, Dorfman recently told E! Online that they have been inundated with calls from the community, offering their assistance; meanwhile, others have expressed their desire to hold car rallies to raise money for the foundation.

The Dark Comedy Moment

Naturally, actors are bound to compare contracts and working conditions to their counterparts. This competitive spirit, however, was taken to an entirely different level when Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris confronted Walker, on set, over the size of his trailer.

In a moment of scripted comedy, Walker indignantly explains that the pair were merely “visitors,” prompting a retaliatory move on behalf of Ludacris. The hysterical scenes that follow, thereafter, are perhaps best watched.

And in drawing a close to Paul Walker’s best moments, the official tribute video from the Fast & Furious team provides a fitting and highly emotional conclusion:

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