Pennsylvania Teen Arrested for Raping Elderly Nun [video]

Andrew Bullock brutally beat and raped 85-year-old nunTeen in Pennsylvania arrested for raping an elderly nun on Friday. As the nun was throwing items into a recycling bin, located next to the St. Titus Church where she resides, Andrew Clarence Bullock approached her; exposed himself and then attacked her. The 18-year-old young man knocked the nun to the snow-covered ground and sexually assaulted her.

According to the town’s assistant police chief, Don Couch; the alleged attack occurred in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania at the convent at St. Titus Catholic Church right beneath the statue of the Virgin Mary. The teen didn’t just rape the nun but he brutally beat her as well and is facing at least 10 charges in the Friday morning attack.

The elderly nun was walking in the parking lot behind the church when Bullock approached her from behind asking if she needed any help. The nun said when she turned to see who was speaking to her she saw Bullock standing there with a very nice smile; she politely declined and thanked the young man. Bullock then pointed towards his exposed genitals and told her to look. Obviously afraid she quickly turned to walk away; this is when the teen grabbed her by the neck and began choking her. He then punched her in the face and head before throwing her to the ground and sexually attacking her.

Couch said he along with his department was outraged by the savage beating. He said catching the criminal and locking him up immediately became the department’s primary goal. Couch said he was very proud of the work his team did, along with the Beaver County D.A., to quickly accomplish that goal. Bullock’s boot print in the snow was a key piece of evidence that investigators used to match the boots the criminal was wearing.

Couch said he was appalled that this horrific act could occur in such a place that would have the statue of the Virgin Mary looking down. The retired nun was raped and beaten so badly that she suffered a dislocated jaw. The injured woman could not even speak when the police arrived at the scene to attend to her so she wrote on paper the nature of her injuries.

Bullock was arraigned on Friday at the Aliquippa Police Headquarters while the nun was listed in stable condition after undergoing surgery to repair the broken jaw. According to reports she was released from Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon.

The Sisters of St. Joseph also released a statement Saturday, saying in part:

The Sisters of St. Joseph are deeply saddened and heart-broken by the assault of one of our Sisters. Through God’s grace and goodness, Sister is expected to be released from the hospital today.

Ironically the nun who suffered at the hands of Bullock conducts a prayer vigil each month for peace in the chapel of Our Motherhouse and she is known to be a passionate advocate of nonviolence, peace and justice.

According to court documents Bullock has been charged with felony rape, sexual, simple and aggravated assault, misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure along with reckless endangerment. He is unable to post the $50,000 bail and will remain in the Beaver County Jail at least until Thursday when he is scheduled to attend a preliminary court hearing before District Judge James DiBenedetto.

Bullock’s brother, Zach Hauser, said he called him from jail on Friday night and denied the allegations. He confirmed that he had been walking by the church earlier that day but said he didn’t do what he’s been accused of. Hauser said he’s not sure what to believe.

Sgt. Steven Roberts, Aliquippa police detective, said the elderly nun was able to describe Bullock and another male witness described the clothes of a man he had seen in the area before the attack. Roberts said both of these illustrations pointed towards Bullock. After a series of questions Bullock eventually confessed to the attack but did not identify a reason for his actions.

Andrew Clarence Bullock has been arrested for raping and brutally beating an elderly nun on Friday. The alleged attack took place in the parking lot of the St. Titus Church on Friday, December 13. This 18-year-old teen approached the nun, exposed his private parts and sexually attacked her. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital but has been released while the accused sits in a Beaver County Jail cell.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Pittsburgh CBS Local

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