Phillip Phillips Joins John Mayer on Tour

Phillips Phillips joins John Mayer on TourPhillip Phillips, season 11 winner of American Idol, is all fired up and ready to warm the fans.  Phillips joins John Mayer on tour, as they delight audiences from coast to coast.  Both recovering from past health issues, the team makes for a true blend of musical talent and charisma.

Phillips was an easy choice for Mayer, with his built-in fan base and huge draw.  Mayer returns to the stage after taking a few years off due to granuloma, a throat inflammation.  All healed up and ready to rock again, Mayer’s Born and Raised Tour is going strong with stops in New Orleans, La., Jacksonville, Fla., Brooklyn, N.Y., Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas, just to name a few.  Phillips adds the extra edge to the line-up as he rouses up the crowd with his opening act.

Phillips is no stranger to illness himself.  The 23 year old native of Georgia has recovered from serious kidney problems and can relate to true pain and suffering.  He rose to fame on American Idol in 2012, all the while enduring ongoing issues with kidney stones, requiring several surgeries along the way.  Soon after the finale, he underwent a six hour surgery to correct and restructure his ailing kidney, recover and prepare for the summer tour.

Kidney stones develop from the accumulation of minerals, uric acid, oxalate and the lack of fluids.  Heredity and diet play a role in this excruciating condition.  The stones can not pass out of the body naturally and cause severe pain, radiating throughout the lower back and abdomen.  Sometimes dissolved with medication, kidney stones most often need to be removed through surgery.  Phillips’ love for Chinese food may have to take a back seat as he monitors his salt intake and drinks plenty of water to prevent future troubles.

Phillips, known for his husky voice and crazy facial expressions, puts his whole heart and soul into every note he belts out.  His high tolerance for pain was demonstrated during the TV show competition, as he continued his quest for the top spot of American Idol voters.  He could have given up at any time to attend to his health needs, but his will and desire paid off in the long run.  His inner voice could not be silenced, as he twisted each song into a miraculous arrangement of amazement.  The fact that Phillips carried on despite his painful condition, wins a prize in itself.

Phillips has not looked back since winning American Idol, as his driven spirit pushes him further into his music and success.  He is a writer at heart and is constantly working on new material.  His first hit Home, has become a recognizable tune in commercials and was used as the theme song by the women’s gymnastics team during the 2012 summer Olympics.  His first album, The World From the Side of the Moon, has done well and he is currently working on a second album in between touring with Mayer.

Phillips is full of emotion and does his own thing.  Playing guitar since age 14, he has developed a unique style of rock and jazz.  Compared to Dave Matthews, Phillips is his own man with his own dreams.  Working with Mayer only adds to his repertoire and resume and is no doubt a good gig.  The two singers reportedly seem to be working well together as they benefit from each other’s skill and talent.  As long as Phillips takes care of himself, he should be in great shape to please his endearing fans for many years to come.  As he warms up the crowd for Mayer, he may be pondering his own opening act when he becomes the top name on the ticket.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

Christian Post  

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