LinkedIn or LinkedOut ?

LinkedIn needs to reinvent itself


In this war of sorts to get more and more people to use the services provided by a specific social media platform, LinkedIn, having reached its optimum level is now more of LinkedOut. There are some pressing reasons supporting this statement the main being that LinkedIn is in direct competition with Google +, FaceBook and Twitter, these three social media platforms are social media giants. Their main plus being their ability to innovate as and when required.

Innovation is the key to stay at the top of the social media world and LinkedIn sorry to say is not one of the unique social media platforms around. There is no doubt about the fact that LinkedIn is presently enjoying financial success and will continue to do so in the short-term, but as far as the long prospects of this company are concerned, the picture is not that bright.

Another factor which is going to hurt LinkedIn in the long-run is that as soon as the present social media bubble bursts and the honey moon period is over, which is to happen sooner or later, LinkedIn will have to quickly re-invent itself in order to survive as one of the leaders in this market.

LinkedIn was created with the basic premise that it would cater to the corporate sector in particular rather than the general public. This strategy did very well in the beginning but now the pace at which it was initially growing is drastically slowing down. Instead of creating a niche for itself by adopting this strategy LinkedIn has, in fact, limited itself and now it is finding the going tough as even corporations are basically run by people, that is the general public and without their support they are nothing in the ultimate analysis.

One of the major drawbacks of LinkedIn, which makes it LinkedOut, is that it is not user-friendly. Being user-friendly is the hallmark of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. All three companies have designed their social media platforms in such a way that the user is at home when visiting and interacting with others on these sites, the same can’t be said about LinkedIn. These are some of the basic elements that separate a good social media platform from an average one.

If LinkedIn is interested to maintain its phenomenal growth it must adapt itself with time. This can be done by incorporating new features and apps. One of the most potent way to remain competitive is to improve its format which at the present is too much business oriented and hence too serious in nature for the liking of the average Joe. LinkedIn should concentrate on making itself more fun to interact with than it is at the present time. This in no way implies that it should forego its primary ethos but instead it should build on it keeping in mind the present market trends.

If Linkedin, which is a major stake-holder in the social media scene, is able to adapt itself with the changing times it will continue to prosper otherwise it would surely be LinkedOut for good.

Op-ed by Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


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