Plastic Surgery: Dad Improves His Adopted Daughters

Plastic Surgery at 10 years old

Orange County, California— Plastic Surgery in Orange county is alleged to be as commonplace as dental visits.

Charm and Brittani Niccole, the beautiful adopted daughters of Dr. Michael Niccole, have been having regular cosmetic surgical “improvements” performed by their father since they were children.

Charm had her bellybutton fixed when she was just ten years old. It stuck out, unlike her friends, and Dr. Dad was able to transform it to an “innie” with a minor corrective procedure. Ever since, the sisters who are now 25-years-old have been to dad’s clinic over and over again.

Plastic Surgery Clinic run by Dr. Michael Niccole

Charm received breast implants as a conscientious high school student.

In a television interview with Barcroft TV she elaborates the motivation behind the upgrade.

“I work out like a fanatic, so constantly being in—like—a sports bra and workout clothes I also noticed my breasts got a lot smaller.”

“I lost a lot of the volume in them,” says Charm, adding that since the plastic surgery she “feels great, very happy.”

With a giggle she concludes, “they’re perfect. Thanks dad.”

Both girls undergo regular Botox injections as well.

Dr. Niccole stands over his daughter Brittani who is laying on a treatment table. Holding four-by-four inch gauze pads to her forehead he asks her, “So at 25 years old why are you doing Botox, why are you forcing me to do Botox?”

Brittani smiles and responds, “I’m doing Botox because I’m preventing wrinkles from forming in, you know, five—ten  years, slowing down the aging process let’s say.”

For the camera, Dad adds to her answer. “So her forehead stays as beautiful as it is today when she’s 50.”

In the background Brittani can be heard singing the words, “forever and ever.”

Charm’s preferred application of Botox? She has it applied to her armpits to prevent sweating. As Dad injects several units of the Botulin Toxin under her skin she warns him to be careful not to poke her breast implants.

Not everybody in the family was excited about the girls beginning plastic surgery at such an early age.

Mrs. Niccole, the girls’ adoptive mother was concerned that allowing the girls to have the procedures done would encourage them to run to their father’s plastic surgery center every time they looked in the mirror and saw something they didn’t like. She didn’t want them thinking they needed to get everything improved.

She was initially alarmed at her daughter’s revelation that she was going to have her dad increase her breasts, but she eventually conceded.

“I feel they won’t become addicted. They work out, they take care of themselves, I don’t see it.” She concedes, however that they might “be looking around for a few things” when they are her age.

The girls admit they are preoccupied with physical beauty. The emphasis on exterior features is apparent in all of their social interactions. As the television team follows the girls on social events,  the sisters glance among friends at hair, facial features, and clothes. In the back of a limousine the conversation turns to how everybody looks.

Brittani, peeking down the blouse of her sister Charm’s dress, appreciates her cleavage.

“Look at those boobs.”

Brittani is not put off by her own fixation on her looks, however. She says it’s expected.

“In Orange County, like, getting your breasts done is basically like getting a teeth cleaning.” Laughter ensues.

“It’s true, I swear! It’s like abnormal for you not to have a breast augmentation out here.”

Dr. Niccole is asked if he thinks his daughters are a good representation of his work.

“They’ve lived in the world of cosmetics so they understand the importance of looking and maintaining your beauty for the rest of their lives.”

“I’m often asked do I feel that my daughters are good ambassadors for my line of work, and I would say absolutely yes.”

These two young ladies believe they have found a cure for aging, a future of no wrinkles, breasts that meet their standard for perfection, and skin that stays youthful for years to come.

Clinking glasses of wine in a circle of friends, Brittani toasts, “the fountain of youth—which is Botox.”

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By Matt Darjany


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