Robots Built at Home

Robots Built at Home

Anyone can build a robot at home says Popular Science calls it “robots in a snap, a modular robot kit for the rest of us.” This is a time of creativity when computers tend to be the biggest focus and programmers seem to have the most fun. There is a new hobby in town; the ability to sit at home, go online and order the robot of choice. DJ Sures, a Canadian, started this company; his dream is to help others fulfill their dreams. His site offers various options for different levels of expertise. Choices of the product range from kits for those who are expert-level to kits for those who have very little experience.

The non-programmer’s choice is EZ-Builder. It is claimed to be the only complete robot control software in the world. Features are voice command, remote control via specific devices, graphical configuration menus to fine tune the robot’s behavior; mobile device support for the ability to track face, color motion and glyph visually; smart avoidance controls for autonomous compatibilities; and capability to easily control extremities. The robot files can be saved in the ez cloud and updates will occur frequently. Updates are free and there is even Twitter command integration.

The other choices are: Revolution ://Six: a hexapod robot that has six legs. It has 12 degrees of freedom. It can be customized with clip ‘n’ Play technology by adding more EZ-Bits. Revolution://JD is a humanoid robot shaped to look like a human body and its movements are customizable. The Revolution://ROLI comes to the world as a planetary rover style robot. There are 13 Clip “n” Play connections with this unit, making customizing it a given.

Interfacing with the robot is available two ways. There is the graphical EZ-Builder Robot Control Software and the advanced EZ-SDK Programmers Library. This company is the creator of the EZ-B Bluetooth Robot Controller.  They offer a graphical control environment and a custom SDK, available for both beginners and advanced owners.

CEO DJ Sures wants easy use and fun to be the experience of purchasers of his product. There is also a community forum for feedback. EZ-Robots are meant for home use to open a new world of creativity for all interested in tinkering. The best part of this product is one does not have to be a programmer or an engineer to use it.

Christmas is days away, and the most difficult thing to do for some it to find that gift that is different. The intention for this product is to give it as a gift to a child or the adult kid who has everything. Giving a gift and seeing that smile of genuine surprise is priceless. Back in the day it was GI Joe, or Ken and Barbie, and then came the games. Videos are great; sitting down playing with the remote passes the time and sets challenges. Now, there is a new call for creativity in the game. EZ-Robots can do the same with offering robots at home. Perhaps getting out of the chair to play won’t become a thing of the past after all.

By Dada Ra

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