Ron Howard Plays Doctor Doolittle?

Ron Howard Plays Doctor Doolittle?Ron Howard, the spunky red-headed kid, Opie, and the clean-cut teenager, Richie of days gone by, is better known today as the masterful director of numerous block-buster Hollywood films.  Giving up acting long ago to pursue his first love of directing, Howard is a bit of a Doctor Doolittle in his spare time.  He has been known to play around while on the phone, creating little doodles of this and that.  He could be turning back to a lost yearning for art in his subconscious mind, as his creative juices never stop.

Doing little is not what Howard is about.  He puts his heart and soul into every project he tackles, be it a mermaid, race-car driver or astronaut.  He has a wealth of skill and talent to bring forth believable stories and tells a whale of tale with compelling ease.  His beautiful mind of ideas seem to be a cup of overflowing creations with endless paths to follow.  Speaking of cups, Howard happens to be a collector of coffee cups and steins.  Howard’s little cocoon in his office, has become an art studio with a ransom, a reason to give back to others.

Howard, married to actress Cheryl Alley, is a father of four grown children.  As his little ones have moved far and away, his days of parenthood have come to a close.  The now grandfather, is enjoying rekindled love with his wife and continues to keep busy with film after film.  As of late, Howard has taken to doodling while conducting business on the phone.  It is not unheard of for a director of his caliber to sit at a desk for hours hashing out details of dramas, so why not draw a few doodles along the way?

What started out as simple doodles, while taking notes, Howard developed a system of using three random squiggly lines on a memo card or scrap piece of paper.  Over time, the lines took on forms and were colored in, revealing some pretty cool designs.  Always championed by family and friends, Howard, the sentimental and down to earth kind of guy we all love, began to share his doodle drawings with others.  Another block-buster success was born.

Ron Howard plays Doctor DoolittleThe next thing you know, another idea had percolated.  No doubt coffee was involved as Howard set off on another quest to share his talent, this time with the proceeds all going to charity.  His doodles have taken on lives of their own, ignoring the written script and morphing into uncharted waters.  The outcome was destined to happen and now a limited edition of coffee mugs have been produced.  Four of Howard’s favorite designs include a bar scene, a dragon fish, a cowboy and a USA road trip, have been chosen to be stars on ceramic mugs.  They are being offered and sold online, 2000 of each design, stating clearly to benefit The Boys and Girls Club of America.

Howard has endorsed the long established organization for inspiring today’s youth through after school programs that will help shape their goals for the future.  The coffee mugs displaying Howard’s doodles, are already being enjoyed with various coffee concoctions brimming with pleasure and the knowledge of helping others.

The near 60 year old actor has given the world much joy through his acting and multiple movies he has produced and directed over the years.  He rarely takes a long coffee break from work, as his life is both enriched and admired.  Howard’s love for his family, his dear friends, his leading stars, fans and ones beyond is evident as he gives back to society in a fun and beneficial way.

It is only natural for Howard, as he is a caring man with dreams and creativity always brewing. As he works on his latest endeavor, In the Heart of the Sea, he has stayed in touch with loved ones despite facing near death from deadly storms.  Recently, the cast and crew of the new film, including Chris Hemsworth of Rush, were evacuated while filming on the Canary Islands, due to torrential rains and flooding.  They found safe ground and production will resume again soon.  The newest movie by Howard is expected to be released mid to late 2014.

Howard joins others in helping causes with his well known name.  His comrades and good friends such as Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Crowe, Steve Martin and Jim Carrey will know just what to put on their Christmas list this year, as Howard’s coffee mugs are a welcome addition to his long repertoire of credits.  Howard is a true artist in every sense of the word and a doctor of drama and intrigue.  As his doodles make a new splash on our coffee mugs, his charity of choice insures future generations to honor his walk of fame.  As we await his next movie, maybe T-shirts and calendars will be next?

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


Ron Howard  

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  1. John Hall   January 25, 2014 at 12:39 am

    Ron & Andy both supported the current President for office. That has tarnished the image they had. Sorry, as much as the AGShow was ‘good’ for America, the personal choices of the actors (at least these two) have not left America in a good state. Maybe at least Ron could show some sense and ‘repent’ for his Presidential goof?

  2. [email protected]   December 8, 2013 at 5:14 am

    I would love to help! I volunteered for The Boys and Girls Club in the 90’s. One Dayan the club, I handwould hand sew, clothes, blanket, and backpack for the Cleveland a Browns, they had a beautiful material, soft and cuddly. I was making it for fun. Did it by imagination only. No measurements, pattern, etc. just cut and sew, each piece. When completed, I showed the director a friend of mine. He asked if they could put it up for auction, to collect money for the kids club. I had no use for it. I hand-make what most people would buy. If I can’t find the material, for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I painted the logo, w/fabric paint. I’ll buy clothes for the bear, to match, the blanket/backpack, also. They were both auctioned off for over $150.00, in the 90’s. They would have made more, with an autograph, but the director, thought that would make it a collectors item and the babies would never get to use it?

    If I can help, please, let me know! My fav kids club! I grew up watching you Ron, believe it or not, the kid down the street from us, my brothers BF, looked just like you. We r all around 53-55, now. Best wishes! You could more for them than I could. God bless.


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