Russia, Middle East: Suicide Bombers Almost Always 17-24 Years Old

RussiaRussia has been the scene of yet another suicide bombing. From Russia to the Middle East, suicide bombings are now so common place that people are no longer shocked when hearing the news. However, what most people take for granted is the fact that most suicide bombers are adolescents. They are young adults, often nameless and faceless, giving their lives for a cause they believe in fervently. The reality of suicide bombing is that the average age of a suicide bomber is 17-24 years old.

Volgograd is south of Moscow, and northeast of Sochi, a Black Sea resort in the North Caucasus Mountains. In other words, it is in the middle of nowhere. However, lately the Black Sea resort of Sochi, along the North Caucasus Mountains, has been garnering much attention. There is one reason a lot of people are paying attention to this suicide bombing, this time: Sochi will be hosting the next Olympics in February.

This past Sunday somewhere between 13-18 people were killed. Dozens were wounded. It happened at a train station, by the metal detectors that are there to protect people from such things. Again, it was a young, anonymous, female suicide bomber. And one cannot help but think about the Olympics coming in February.

The young, unnamed, female suicide bomber came from the province of Dagestan. In recent years, this place has become the home base of a growing Islamist insurgency, though most Americans had not noticed. Suddenly, the whole world is taking notice.

Back in October of this year, another female suicide bomber had blown herself up aboard a city bus also in Volgograd. In that incident, six people were killed, and 30 were injured.

Young people cannot help but notice that all of these suicide bombers are their age. It is one thing for our young people to volunteer for military service. It is another thing when young people are volunteering for suicide bomb duty. Is the world so forlorn?

In March 2010 two female suicide bombers killed 40 people and wounded more than 120. In January 2011, a male suicide bomber killed 37 people and injuring more than 180, in Moscow.

Then in January 2011, a suicide bomber struck the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. That suicide bomber was male, and he killed 37 people, injuring more than 180.

Apparently, suicide bombing is an Islamic phenomenon. Young adults and teens are often motivated to heroic martyrdom by a culture that breeds fanatical devotion to ideology and dogma.

In the U.S.A., the tendency is to face one’s opponent. In this country a fighter would never enter the ring and punch himself out. Much less would one expect a fighter to enter the ring and blow himself up with a suicide bomb.

In the U.S.A., the overwhelming goal in combat is to survive – to live to tell the story. In Islam, there is a devotional tendency to blowing oneself up and taking a bunch of infidels out at the same time. It is all for a good cause. The afterlife matters more to them than this life.

The logic of the suicide bomber escapes Americans. Most teens and adolescents in this country are trying to figure out how to get rich, famous, or completely left alone. The fantasies of American young adults are decked out in MTV bling, Las Vegas neon lights, and things that generally require one to be alive in order to enjoy them. Little things like family and friends mean more to American adolescents than blowing oneself up with a bomb at a bus stop, only to take a dozen unknowing people down with them, along for the ride.

Of course, everyone has heard about the infamous 99 virgins. Supposedly, they tell male suicide bombers that when they get to the other side Allah will treat them to 99 virgins. One wonders, what do they promise the female suicide bombers? Whatever it is, it seems to be working like a charm.

That brings us to the Olympics. Old people remember the tragedy of hostages being summarily executed at the Berlin Olympics in 1972. When this writer was young, the Olympics were held in highest esteem. They still are, though they have lost their former luster due to the fact that they are obviously bought and paid for anymore. How much does it cost to buy a suicide bomber?

For that matter, how much did Putin have to pay for the Olympics to get staged in Russia in 2014? The Olympics are bought and paid for like everything else, so how much did he pay? Furthermore, it is common knowledge that suicide bombers and similar Islamic violence have been rocking the North Caucasus Mountains in Russia for years now.

Why stage the Olympics anywhere near there? The Russian government will deploy thousands of soldiers, police, security, and paramilitary personnel for the Olympics. The Olympics is said to be Putin’s pet project. That is disgusting. His administration is promising to ensure the Sochi Games are “the safest Olympics in history.” Of course, he had to say that because they are going to be the unsafest games in history.

Is any American teen chosen to participate in the Olympics really all that safe?

Can the family of any American Olympic athlete trust their young adult to Putin’s pet project?

Putin has repeatedly criticized the west for its over-feminized power structure. Let’s hope Putin’s very masculine power structure can stop all the adolescent female suicide bombers running rampant across his country lately.

What is promised a female suicide bomber to secure that kind of bravado? What is it that makes a young person with their whole life in front of them want to kill themselves and others with a homemade bomb? There are some things this writer will never understand.

One question: if Russia has been the scene of so many suicide bombings of late, then why were the Olympics located there in the first place? Bad choice. Call this writer crazy, but in 2014 he will continue to follow his predilection for avoiding suicide bombers at all times.

By: Alex Durig, Ph.D.


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