Samsung Group Releases GamePad and Mobile Console Gaming App

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Samsung can create everything, or so it seems. The largest Android manufacturer is now entering the realm of smartphone gaming on another whole new level. Enter the GamePad accessory and its companion app, the Mobile Console app. The release of these dual, gaming items are currently set for release in European markets, future markets will be forthcoming in the following weeks. Avid smartphone users can now become avid gamers on their cellphones.

There are specifications when it comes it the GamePad which include the following:

  • Best use is the Note or S line.
    Best use is the Note or S line.

    Users must run the latest update on their phone for the best use. The minimum update accepted is Android 4.1.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 is necessary for compatible play.
  • The best experience, per tech outlets, can be seen on the Galaxy Note line and the Samsung Galaxy S III and S4.

The features of the GamePad and its companion Mobile Console app are pretty impressive for its use. The companion app allows gamers to browse all supported games and receive affordable pricing on the games. The list of the available games allows a greater choice of diversity:

  • EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • SEGA’s Virtual Tennis
  • Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame
  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Altogether, the list encompasses 35 dedicated games to Samsung, Android devices. Samsung hinted additional games will be available as the progress of the device continues. Currently, there has not been a listed price. The GamePad is under half a pound and sports a D-pad, four action buttons, two triggers, two analog sticks, a select and start button. In addition, Samsung has added its dedicated PLAY button to the controller. The button is a one touch accessibility point for users to launch the Mobile Console app and sync with the smartphone.

Samsung GamePad and Mobile Console App Releases for Avid GamersThere have been gamepads previously introduced to Android devices. One of the popular choices is the Mobile Gaming System for Android (MOGA). MOGA does have popular, classics like Sonic and PAC-MAN and searches for updated games like Modern Warfare. It too has a companion app called Pivot and touts some free games from the Google Play store. Many users were turned away when the driver needed to run the app had to be downloaded. The gamers who did download the driver and app seemingly enjoyed the gaming experience, except for the loud click of buttons.

The Samsung GamePad appears to offer a more streamlined and “quieter” experience. The eight-way D-pad can either create a groan of annoyance or satisfaction at its design. It seems to offer a more seamless gaming experience and would not bother the person traveling with the gamer. MOGA has been a lead choice for mobile gamers on the go, but it is a great point of connectivity for a smartphone manufacturer to step into the arena. Especially, since it is Samsung – the device is expected to operate and perform incredibly well.

The Samsung GamePad and companion Mobile Console app is expected to boost interest in the gaming, mobile experience. Although, the controller has a steel frame, its weight is similar to that of a PS4 controller. The GamePad is eliciting responses already, it was just announced today in Korea. With a growing advantage of smartphones, Samsung is using that foothold to connect with their customers on another level. In addition, tech outlets are advising Mirror Play may be possible using the GamePad. Interested in the GamePad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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