Samsung Group and LG Announce 105-inch Curved Screen UHD TV

Samsung Group and LG Announce 105-inch Curved Screen TVSamsung Group and LG Electronics have both announced they will unveil a 105-inch curved screen UHD TV. Both Korean-based electronics manufacturers will unveil their version of “bigger is better” TV’s at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The TV will be the latest and largest curved screen Ultra HD displays of its kind. The LCD displays will have 11 million pixels of resolution, which is 9 million more than any current conventional HDTV. The massive amount of extra pixels will greatly improve the clarity from any current TV models on the market.

The new Samsung Group and LG TVs will have a very wide aspect ratio of 21:9 which will mimic the current aspect ratio of any CinemaScope theater screen. The most current widescreen TV models have the aspect ratio of 16:9. Viewers will be able to watch their programming in the wide theater format or they can choose to view social media feeds or TV functions on the side of their currently viewed program.

LG Electronic director of new product development in the USA, Tim Alessi, said that the new TV makes a dramatic statement of things to come for home entertainment in the future. The sheer size and resolution will surely deliver a proper cinematic experience to people’s living rooms.

Pricing of the new LG and Samsung Group 105-inch curved screen UHD TV has yet to be announced. Currently Samsung’s 85-inch UHD TV is priced at a whopping $40,000 and LG’s comparative 84-inch model sells at $17,000.

Richard Doherty, director of the tech consulting firm, Envisioning Group, thinks that there will be a market for these innovative new TV’s regardless of any high price.

Ultra HD or 4K as it is sometimes called, has the capability of having four times the resolution of a standard HD display. Hollywood has just started to produce TV and movies in the new Ultra HD format. These new Ultra HD displays will also upscale the resolution from any content viewed in current broadcast HDTV and Blu-ray discs.

Sony has already started to sell a $700 movie server called Video Unlimited that will be bundled with 10 choices of 4K movies that will allow a user to rent or buy more titles. One of the current selections is the movie The Amazing Spider-man and the entire final TV season of Breaking Bad will also soon be available.

Amazon has just announced that all the 2014 footage of The After (by Chris Carter of The X-Files) will be shot in the new 4K format.

Netflix has also announced having the 4K format available in March 2014, with their second season of House of Cards. The producer of the show, David Fincher, is really excited about making the 4K format of his show available.

Netflix chief of product officer, Neil Hunt, recently said they are trying to solve the chicken-and-the-egg problems. Hunt was referring to the fact that it remains hard to attract people to the new 4K format when you don’t have a lot of content currently available.  Netflix has got a large material base of content that currently match their home devices. Hunt also said it is hard to start device vendors to follow along.

This announcement doesn’t mean these are the first curved screen TV’s that are available; Sony, LG, and Samsung Group all have current models with curved screens. Panasonic also owns the rights to the biggest TV, which is a 152-inch plasma display. Visio also began selling a model in the 21:9 ratio last year as well.  However, it will likely take many years before consumer demand brings down the price of any 105-inch UHD display to make it feasible for everyone to have one in their living room.

By Brent Matsalla

USA Today
The Telegraph

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