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Santa Claus Black or White? Why it Matters

Is Santa Claus white?
Earlier this month, a blogger, writing for Slate, objected to the idea of a white Santa Claus and, in doing so, unwittingly kicked of what may be considered one of the most ridiculous debates in America today: Is Santa Claus white or black?

There is, however, a very good reason why this seemingly juvenile discussion matters to our society.

The election of a bi-racial President who identifies as a black man was thought, by many – and, indeed, vowed by the President himself – to herald a new era in race relations; magically, the nation would be instantly transformed, it was touted, into a “post-racial” society. This, of course, was a preposterous notion since the modus operandi of the political Left has always been divide and conquer; setting “rich” against “poor”; gender against gender; Christian against non-Christian and white against non-white. The black community, briefly encouraged to celebrate the election of America’s first “black” President, was quickly disabused of the notion that it had achieved anything.

The historically racist Left did not waste any time in pressing upon blacks the idea that they were now – more than at any other time since the end of segregation – being oppressed by the evil white man. The so-called leaders of the black community, along with other prominent blacks in the media and entertainment industries, did not embark upon a campaign to encourage their fellow blacks to see Barack Obama as a shining example of what they could achieve; they did not encourage black youth to strive for a better life, become successful, aspire to financial independence or gain respect – and self-respect – through merit and hard work.

Instead, the message was that all blacks are the helpless victims of a predominantly white culture; that they only way they can hope for a better life is through welfare, food stamps and the forced redistribution of wealth – in other words, their only hope is to vote for the party that gives them “free” stuff; the Democratic Party. Prominent Conservative black men and women who have stood against these notions and preach the ideology of self-improvement, independence and attaining goals through individual achievement have been demonized and, quite often, have found themselves the victims of racial abuse. On social networks, as a prime example, the N-word is most often used by left-wingers to describe black Conservatives.

Why, therefore, does it matter whether or not Santa Claus is black or white? How does this debate tie in to the discussion of race, as a whole? Two indisputable facts instantly jump out: The first is that Santa Claus – SPOILER ALERT for the children – is not a real person. The second fact is that there can be no doubt whatsoever that the fictional character know as Santa Claus was a white man. No further explanation of this is needed; the entire story was imported to the United States from traditions rooted firmly in northern European culture.

The aforementioned Slate blogger, Aisha Harris, appears to have suffered, as a child, a deep psychological crisis over Santa’s skin color. Whilst being constantly exposed to the traditional representation of the white-bearded, white-skinned fat man, Harris developed the unsettling suspicion that all was not right with the world when she saw a darker skinned Santa represented in ornaments and figurines in the family home. The fact that a black family would insist upon a black representation of a character traditionally and universally accepted as white perhaps betrays deep-rooted racist tendencies. Harris writes, however, that her father explained to her that Santa was every color and appeared to each family and each child in their own ethnic likeness. This was quite a clever way to approach the issue, but does not explain why Santa Claus is always portrayed as a white man. Had Mr. Harris been completely honest, he would merely have explained to young Aisha that Santa Claus was white merely because the legend and tradition hails from northern Europe.

Perhaps it is racist to point out that northern Europeans are white.

The Slate piece from Harris would have gone entirely unnoticed, were it not for Fox News host Megyn Kelly taking issue with it. Although Kelly was clearly making a humorous observation, her comments stirred a predictable wave of faux outrage from the humorless Left.

As with many fictional legendary figures, there is always some distant non-fiction inspiration. In the case of the jolly, red-suited philanthropist, the real-life ancestor is said to have been Saint Nicholas, who was born in Turkey. Could it be argued, therefore, that Santa Claus was not white? It is a stretch, indeed; firstly, there is no absolute proof that the man who inspired the legend was the same Bishop Nicholas of Myra and, secondly, all of the tradition surrounding the figure we know as Santa Claus comes from northern Europe. In truth, it is likely that Santa Clause is a composite of different stories, real and fictional. He has, however, always been portrayed as white and, since he exists only in the imagination of young children and the fables handed down through the ages, there is no reason to change that.

Therein lies the subtle nuances of the recent debate; the Megyn Kelly side of the argument is that Santa is – and always has been – white and should continued to be viewed as such for the preservation of an ancient and much-loved tradition. The Aisha Harris side of the debate is that Santa can no longer be considered white because it will leave deep scars on the minds of poor little non-white children who will be fooled into believing that white people can be kind.

Northern Illinois University plaque
Northern Illinois University attempts to rewrite history

Harris’s article, Why Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore, is, in fact, a classic example of the left-wing strategy of rewriting history and tradition in a way that supports and furthers their ideology. It is no secret that this is an accepted practice on the political Left; Northeastern Illinois University, as one small example, even erected a plaque which proclaims that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat. As Michelle Obama said in 2008 “…we are going to have to change our traditions; our history. We’re gonna have to move into a different place as a nation.” Disputing the ethnic origin of Santa Claus is part of this agenda.

An interesting aside is that Kelly also asserted that Jesus was white. The fact that Jesus – who would have had the brown or olive complexion universal in the Middle East – is widely accepted as white is another example of history being rewritten – in this case, by European Christians.

As further proof that history is being rewritten, a disturbingly large number of black Americans are unaware that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a social Conservative who marched with, and supported, Republican politicians. This documented and indisputable fact is slowly being erased from the internet; Even though Dr. King’s Niece, Alveda King, has often pointed out that her father and his brother – along with their father, Dr. Martin Luther King Senior – were all pro-life, social Conservatives, as were all abolitionists and civil rights campaigners, it is now portrayed as a fallacy, spread by a small number of Republican crazies.

By the same token, black Americans have not been taught about many of the great men in US history who’s stories have been all but erased from memory precisely because they were black. Those stories were whitewashed by the Progressives who proudly dominate the world of academia.

When one considers the historical context, however, it becomes obvious that Dr. King would have been a Republican, if only because he would have naturally aligned himself against those who were opposed to equal rights for blacks; the GOP was the party that abolished slavery, whilst Democrats fought to preserve slavery, founded the Ku Klux Klan, established Jim Crowe laws and obstructed the civil rights movement; few blacks are aware that it was the Republican Party that championed civil rights legislation in the face of overwhelming objection on the part of Democrats; even fewer black people will be aware that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by Republicans. The Republican Party was, in many ways, the party of the black man and the Democratic Party, the party of white supremacism.

When presented with those facts, however, Democrats – and black Democrats, in particular – will begin to squirm and start talking about it not being the same Republican Party; the fact is, the Republican Party has actually drifted far more to the Left than it was in the 1960s and before. If the Republican Party has become racist – and there is no credible evidence that it has – then perhaps it is due to its ideological slew toward the traditionally racist Progressive philosophy that now controls US politics.

The Democratic Party knew they had to reverse their fortunes in the black community and realized that the best way to do it was through social welfare programs and ensuring that the black community would never prosper; remaining forever reliant upon the very people who most despised them. Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson said “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” To put this quote in clearer context, he also said “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

LBJ’s doctrine, regarding black Americans, has remained the cornerstone of Democratic Party doctrine to this day.

What about Santa Claus? Why would any black child be even slightly concerned that Santa Claus is white unless they had been raised to dislike and/or distrust white people? Are American Indians upset that Santa is white? Are Hispanic children emotionally scarred by a pale-skinned Santa?

The real reason why black left-wingers object to a white Santa is that they are determined to condition black children to distrust white people and they cannot live with the image of our kids – especially the black ones – receiving gifts from a white man. Black children are being raised to believe that the only free stuff they will ever get is the food stamps and welfare checks that are handed to them by the government. The fact that blacks like Aisha Harris are willingly promoting the intellectual and economic impoverishment – indeed, the enslavement – of the black community is truly frightening.

Does it matter whether Santa Claus is white or black? Yes, it does matter, because pretending he is not white is a manifestation of racial hatred and a blatant attempt to erase another tradition. Continuing to portray Santa as white does not insult, offend or confuse any but the most weak- and narrow-minded in society. It does no real harm that some black people choose to portray Santa Claus as black, but to suggest that portraying him as white is, somehow, racist is asinine.

The vast majority of black people, it can be assumed, are not offended by a Santa Claus portrayed as white; the vast majority of whites, it could also be assumed, do not take offence when they see a black man dressed as Santa. Does it really matter? It shouldn’t; it shouldn’t have mattered to Aisha Harris and, in reality, it probably didn’t; the fact that she would write about it, however, is simply more proof that the Left increasingly uses race as a weapon and injects it into every possible human activity.


Editorial by Graham J Noble

St. Nicholas Center

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