Santa Claus in Hospital After Drunken Fall From Sleigh

Santa Claus

Santa Claus wound up in the hospital after a drunken fall from his sleigh at a farmer’s market in Poland, horrifying children and adults alike. Santa and a female helper showed up at the open outdoor market in Ustrzykach Dolnych, Poland earlier this week, and witnesses at the scene said they could tell Santa had already pounded back a few too many before starting work. Santa and his friend were described as clearly “under the influence,” and “behaving like they had just come out of a nightclub or something.”

Due to Santa Claus’s erratic behavior, passing cars started beeping at the sleigh, which was being pulled along by two real horses. The beeping, not surprisingly, upset the horses, which apparently reared up, smashed into a wall, and sent Santa Claus and his lady companion sprawling off the sleigh and onto the street in a drunken fall, stunning the crowd and devastating the children watching. Both Santa and his friend were rushed to the hospital with concussions.

The pair of holiday entertainers may have a lot more to worry about than just mild concussions, though; police say they are mulling slapping Santa Claus and his helper with drunk driving charges since they were technically operating a vehicle on a street while under the influence.

This Santa and his lady friend really shouldn’t beat themselves up too much though, for they’re far from the first or only Santa entertainers to find themselves in trouble with the law. Yesterday, a man in Seattle dressed as Santa (and also drunk) was told he was not allowed to have free admission on the attraction called Ride the Duck. He flew into an uncontrollable rage and ripped down the Christmas lights at the attraction, then attempted to evade police when they showed up to arrest him. That didn’t go so well and he was hauled away kicking and screaming in handcuffs.

Santa Claus was very naughty in Limerick, Ireland last week. He was spotted stumbling around outside a strip club and relieving himself on its side wall before falling down on the ground in a drunken stupor. Police were called to the scene. Yes, Santa really loves the ladies. After passing out in Limerick, he flew to Massachusetts and was promptly arrested at a mall there for pinching the bum of a female elf. Cheeky devil, he is! He was released on $1,000 bail, but the judge told him he wouldn’t be able to play Santa anymore.

He tried to calm things down a bit by taking part in a peaceful protest outside a Walmart in Claremont California, but got arrested anyway, on charges of civil disobedience. Santa Claus is in the hospital after a drunken fall from his sleigh, and he’s got a world of legal troubles ahead of him as he may have to battle drinking and driving charges. At least he’s in good company with plenty of additional “bad Santas” with whom he can share his woes.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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