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Search for Two Suspects in AU Lockdown


Students at American University are being asked if they recognize two suspects possibly related to an incident that is ongoing on the campus. Earlier, students were notified to “shelter in place” meaning to get to safety and stay there. The suspects, pictured below, are pictured riding an American University student shuttle bus.


“If you see these individuals, call AUPS 202-885-3636. Do not approach,” read the tweet sent to students. Many students recognized the shuttle bus as it is a means for traveling to school from various areas surrounding campus. It is unclear at this point whether the campus where the gunman was seen is the undergrad or law school campus, which are about a mile a part.

A student in lockdown reported hearing helicopters overhead and sirens.

Just before 8 p.m. students were sent text messages to “shelter in place.” The law school student told his friends maintenance workers came and locked him in a journal room. Around 8:35 one of the law school finals was completed and students handed in tests but were not allowed to leave the classroom.

More to follow as information becomes available.

Update: 9:25. It is reported that a suspect has been taken into custody.

By Linda Torkelson