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Seattle Seahawks Territory Will Soon See a 49er Billboard

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The Seattle Seahawks are about to start seeing a lot more of the San Francisco 49ers.  Not on the field, but in their own backyard once the fans of the San Francisco 49ers have their way.   A plot to post a billboard lauding the 49ers in Seattle Seahawks territory for all to see will soon be implemented.

More than $8,000 has been raised in San Francisco for this project, with the cost projected to be only around $7,000. In a classy move, Aasheesh Shravah, the man behind the billboard concept, intends to donate any remaining funds to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. As of Wednesday morning, $9,020 has been raised, a full $2,000 over their goal.

Shravah says that users will vote on the location of the 49er billboard in Seattle, as well as the design, though a placeholder design has already been posted on Facebook and held up an a possible example. The design highlights the five Lombardi Trophies won by the 49ers in years past, with a picture the game-winning catch from the 1982 NFC Championship game, when Dwight Clark snagged the ball to beat out the Dallas Cowboys. Across the top, the 49er billboard will ask, “How many do you have?” in reference to the Seattle Seahawk’s empty hands when it comes to winning the Super Bowl.

Plans for the 49er billboard intend for it to stay up in Seattle Seahawks territory for a month between December and early January, when the Seahawks have their playoff games, though some Seattle fans have already vaguely threatened that the billboard will soon see its last days.

The idea for the billboard was sparked by earlier acts by Seattle fans, known as the 12th man on the Seahawks team for their rampant cheering. Pooling their money, they flew a banner over Candlestick Stadium for the December 8th Seattle/San Francisco match-up which proclaimed “Go Hawks 12!” Most recently, a group of Seahawks loyalists were approved for buying a brick at the new 49ers stadium, supposedly with a clandestine message intended to promote the Seahawks over their San Francisco rivals.

The Seattle fans have declined to reveal the message, but simply say, “You’ll know it when you see it,” leaving San Francisco fans with no option but to go on a brick hunt once they are put into place at the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

The new brick cost Seattle over $1,000, but they started the cross-rivalry generosity by donating the extra cash they raised – to the tune of $793—to the Bryan Stow Fund, which supports the San Francisco Giants fan who was severely injured at a Giants/Dodgers game in L.A. March of 2011. Stow was in a coma, suffering a severe injury to his brain which required two years of hospital attention before he was released this last summer.

The 12th man’s bigheartedness did not prevent them from including a Seahawk’s T-shirt reading “12 > 49” in Stow’s package, referencing how they believe Seattle’s 12th man is greater than the 49ers.

Regardless of these tasteful rivalries, the 12-2 Seahawks will have the chance to confirm the NFC West Championship if they defeat the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday in Seattle, which would earn them home-field advantage for the playoffs. The 10-4 49ers are to see the 4-10 Falcons on Monday Night Football, which should not be a challenge for them, especially with their billboard-buying hometown San Francisco crowd cheering behind them, perhaps louder now that they will soon edge into Seattle Seahawks territory.

By Marisa Corley

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