Ian Watkins Gets 35 yrs for Incomprehensible Sex Offenses


Ian Watkins, former Lostprophets lead man, received a 35 year sentence for what is being described as “incomprehensible” sex offenses.

It appears that Watkins, who plead guilty to 13 different offenses, so deeply offended those involved with the case that the response has been one of extreme disgust.

Watkins, 36 years old, who is famous for selling millions of records worldwide when involved with the group Lostprophets, appears to have used his fame and influence to do some of the most unimaginable acts of perversion. What has recently been the focal point of many horrific offenses being uncovered is that the ex-musician used the internet to plot the abuse of two small children with the help of their own mothers.

The details surrounding the offenses include reports that Watkins, after attempting to sexually touch the infant child of one of his female fans, went all the way to the extreme, attempting the lewdest of imaginable acts with the infant.

Watkins also attempted to have another woman abuse her child over webcam as he recorded the event. This is believed by investigators to be just a hint of the suspected behavior Watkins is reported to have engaged in. The two women arrested and jailed in connection with the two main offenses being investigated have not even been named so as to protect their children. The women are being referred to simply as “Woman A, and Woman B” and have received 14 and 17 year sentences respectively.

It has been made quite clear through the details uncovered in the trying of the case that the singer used his influence and fame as an avenue to encourage his fanatics to sexually abuse their own children as he either took part or viewed the experience. He has been labeled by those handling the case and trial as a man whom the public, especially those young women who fawn after his fame, needs to be protected from. Officials referring to Watkins called the man a sinister and dark figure masquerading behind the facade of fame and publicity.

Watkins apparently made reference to the fact that the arrest had stopped him from committing additional perverted act, which is assumed due to a response made by Judge Roger Royce to the effect of, “You spoke of not knowing to what extremes you would have gone but for your arrest. It is difficult to imagine anything much worse.”

In a best case scenario, from Watkins’ perspective, the rocker could be out of jail in 20 years and subjected to enumerated conditions which if violated may land him back in prison. This hardly seems appropriate to some who heard the gruesome details of all the alleged counts leveled against him.

A Crown Prosecution spokesperson stated that clearly Watkins played the role of a ringleader in a large conspiracy to sexually violate infants and young children in the worst of ways, and also stated that his sentence was meant to reflect this legal determination.

Watkins, in a phone call which was made from within prison, appears to be taking the entire affair quite lightly, joking with a friend that his admissions to extreme sexual abuses were “mega lolz.” He went further to joke about the situation, hinting that he had to decide whether to attempt to mislead a jury with his charm or just own up to it and pretend that what he did was not that bad.

For now, the public along with officials handling the case and trial remain disgusted as Ian Watkins of Lostprophets receives his 35 year sentence for committing incomprehensible sex offenses against the most innocent of victims, little children.

By Daniel Worku

The Globe and Mail


Music Times


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