Selena Gomez Battling Lupus

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez may have had good reason to cancel her Australian tour on Dec. 19. Media outlets are reporting that the young star is battling the auto-immune disease Lupus. A source has reportedly confirmed that Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus several years ago and that she is taking some much needed time off to address her personal health concerns.

The unnamed source says that Gomez will likely be displeased that her diagnosis has been publicly revealed because she has a strong desire to keep this aspect of her personal life private and she is embarrassed by the health issue. The source also says that it is essential for Gomez to avoid stress as stress can aggravate the symptoms of Lupus and make her condition worse.

When the 21-year-old performer announced that she would be canceling tour dates, rumors were rampant about the real reason. Speculation was made by some that she was still heartbroken after her break up with fellow artist, Justin Bieber, and thus unable to keep touring. Others suggested that she might be struggling with substance abuse and there were even reports that she had checked into rehab. Now, there is a possible new explanation.

A photo of Gomez returning home after announcing her canceled tour dates showed the pop princess without make-up and looking quite tired. If she is, in fact, battling Lupus, that might explain her exhausted appearance. The source reportedly confirming her diagnosis says that Gomez’s disease has been causing not only fatigue but also facial swelling, joint pain and headaches. Any of those symptoms would make it difficult to put on the elaborate, energetic performances that Gomez’s fans have come to expect.

The need for some time to take care of herself should come as no great shock to fans, with or without a Lupus diagnosis. Gomez’s career has been going strong since the age of just nine, when she first began her show business career with a two year stint as “Gianna” on the renowned children’s television show, Barney and Friends.

After two years of working in small parts in television and movies, Gomez got her big break with the Disney Channel as a guest star on the hit show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She followed up that appearance with a spot on Hannah Montana and was then cast as Alex Russo in a starring role on Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007.

Since landing the role on Wizards, she has worked on multiple films, and in 2008 took a serious turn toward starting the music career for which she is now primarily known. She has had several widespread hit songs and her album Stars Dance hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts earlier this year.

Fans will no doubt be concerned about Gomez’s reported battle with Lupus and are almost certainly anxiously awaiting the star’s comments as to the supposed diagnosis. There has not yet been an official confirmation of  the sensation’s diagnosis with Lupus from the Gomez camp, nor has there been a denial.  It has been noted that when rumors that Gomez had entered rehab following her tour cancellation arose, her reps were quick to deny them. The lack of denial so far has been interpreted by some as an indication that reports that Gomez suffers from Lupus may be true.

By Michele Wessel


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