Paul Walker Faked Death Claim The Most Awful Rumor

Paul Walker

Paul Walker well-wishers have created an uproar on Twitter because of the most awful rumor which states that he faked his own death. The website,, claims that the whole accident and the car crash that killed Walker and friend Roger Rodas was a set-up to increase the profit potential of Universal Pictures. With rumors ruling the social media circles, this will only increase the suffering of the late actor’s relatives. Nodisinfo also dragged the late actor’s girlfriend into the fray and commented that she is helping in this whole scheme.

Nodisinfo delivers the headline, “Paul Walker didn’t die” and added that Walker’s girlfriend was busted while she was setting up the scene of accident. As per the reports of the Los Angeles County the accident was absolutely horrific where the Fast and Furious 7 star and Rodas died instantly. The site displays several blurry photos of the crash site and suggested that there was evidence to support a hoax crash. The site claims to show a person dressed in fire-resistant clothing in the hazy images. directly accuses Walker’s grieving family, saying that it has already been proven that the relatives are involved in the cover up. The article goes on to give a detailed description of how the whole thing was plotted by the production team and crew members. Fans are getting irritated and angry and they are venting it upon the media. Caitlyn Green, a Walker fan, commented, “Now the media is saying that Paul Walker faked his death!!!”

Fans are attacking  Nodisinfo’s claims using every social media outlet available. It seems that Walker fans will fight for the integrity of their beloved actor to stop these awful rumors. Walker was not only a good actor but also a philanthropist and a good human being, say sources close to the family.

One of the communities of the late actor has commented, “Paul Walker has Passed; Contrary to Reports he Faked his death! The Media is very cruel.” Despite the supposed evidence put forth by, there is no conclusive evidence to support the claim that Walker faked his death.

Jeff Monahan, another Walker fan, commented, “People really think Paul Walker faked his own death? That would be just wrong.” also put up pictures of girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell showing her laughing. The images are quite blurry, but according to their claims, the picture was taken after the accident on November 30. They claim that the fact that Jasmine was laughing supports their claim that Walker is still alive.

Twitter responses by fans asked everyone to consider the mental state of Walker’s family before spreading any rumors. They added that these speculations will severely affect the members of Fast and Furious team and everyone related to the late actor. Jasmine already has gone through a tough time and rumors like these can take a toll on her as well. did back their statements with images but these images are indiscernible. It actually does not quite prove that the death of the FF7 hero was faked, and these awful rumors should not be indulged unless it is proven without doubt.
By Sunando Basu

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