Snapchat Update 6.1.0 Includes New Features [Video]


Can’t stop sending snapchats to your friends? The new Snapchat update 6.1.0 adds a few additional features to the immensely popular photo sharing app. These new additions are hidden and may require some searching but they do exist. If you find yourself wondering how to mix it up over Christmas break now you can take snaps that say exactly how fast your weiner dog is walking.

New Snapchat Update

This update brings a number of new features, one of which allows you to review a snap after it has already been opened. This can only be done once a day however, it does not send a notification when performed. You can now also change the number of best friends you have, making it easy to send out snaps to all your close homies. You can have either three, five, or seven best friends. Special text has been added. This special text gives you the option of increasing your font size. It seems odd that an app now worth $3 billion is only just now adding multiple font sizes. Priorities, make sure it works and then add onto it, this is only an update after all.

If you had trouble getting the right lighting on those selfies worry no more! Front flash is here. Maybe lighting wasn’t the issue as much as color. This update includes a number of filters including a colorless black and white filter. Last but not least are the new options that add temperature or speed to your snap. This could be dangerous in the wrong hands so be careful out there young snappers.

These new additions will not change the Snapchat experience for most but it does open the door for more possibilities in the future. With Snapchat gaining popularity like it is, the company behind the app has the necessary aspects taken care of. If these new Snapchat features add to the experience and make users happy it is likely that more updates will continue and will bring more ways to individualize your snaps with colors and designs. Snapchat is so successful that they will probably continue down the path they are currently on, adding new updates and features periodically to keep users happy and around.

If you are wondering how to find these new additions they are slightly difficult to find. First, go into settings, then look for additional services and you should find be able to tap on the word manage. From there you can choose to turn on or off any of these new features. If you are still having problems here is a video that should help you out.

Snapchat update 6.1.0 is currently only for iOS so if you are using an iPad these new features are still unavailable to you unfortunately. As an additional bonus here is a video with step-by-step instructions for how to take a screenshot of a snap without sending a notification. Hopefully you enjoy the new features, snap responsibly and have a great break holiday.

By Garrett Jutte
App Advice
Tech Crunch
PC Mag

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  1. Angie coconuts   July 5, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    How do change the filter when making a video on snaochat?! & why can’t I find this anywhere?!!

  2. Arianna Nolasco   March 28, 2014 at 11:34 am

    how can you change the filter when you take a video?


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