Super Smash Bros. Is Joined by New Challenger Rosalina [Video]

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. gets Rosalina

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS has been graced by a new challenger today, Rosalina and Luma. The pair looks like they work in unison similar to the Ice Climbers. This addition means that the roster is up to 19 characters currently.

The introduction trailer for Rosalina brings up some interesting question. When Rosalina appears the other characters are racing on Rainbow Road. Does this mean that the new Smash Bros game will include racing of some sort or will the famous Rainbow Road finally be a playable level? Considering how well known Rainbow Road is, it comes as a bit of a surprise that it hasn’t already been a level although there have been other kart racing levels as well as Rainbow Cruise.

From what the trailer shows, Rosalina works in conjunction with her friend Luma as a team. The pair looks different from the Ice Climbers due to the way Rosalina can launch Luma and link their moves together. This moveset certainly looks interesting and possibly dangerous. The way Luma defends the end of a stage could spell trouble for characters with predictable recovery options. Below is Rosalina’s introduction trailer for the next Super Smash Bros installment.

The roster for the last Super Smash Bros title had 40 characters which means that there are probably still a lot of characters to be announced. So far the new Smash Bros includes only four new characters plus 15 from previous installments. As for a final number roster number, who knows. This does mean that there is still a lot of room and possabilities for new additions. Some fan favorites have unfortunatly already been disproved such as Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask.

So who will likely make the roster? Tough call. With the grand success of Fire Emblem: Awakening it is likely that protagonist Chrom could join the cast, after all the arena from his game is already in the new Smash Bros. Considering this is the year of Luigi they could do another Luigi character, such as Dr. Luigi from the recently announced title or maybe a Luigi’s Mansion themed Luigi. The Metroid series has been apart of Smash Bros from the beginning but Samus and Zero Suit Samus are still the only playable Metroid characters, it is possible Nintendo would want to do something more there. Mario always has plenty of options such as Paper Mario or Nintendo could bring back Dr. Mario. If Nintendo is interested in listening, the fans have tons of suggestions.

There is still no offical release date for either release of the game. When the confirmed date is annouced it will likely be paired with a new character reveal to boost excitement in the community. Fans of the series are already tired of waiting but hopefully are satisfied by the new character reveal. Rosalina and Luma are becoming more well known due to the recent games they’ve been represented in; their addition will certainly add a creative spark to the new Super Smash Bros roster.

By Garrett Jutte

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