The Voice Live Top 6 Performances (Review & Videos)

The Voice Jacquie Lee December 2, 2013

Tonight on The Voice, the Top 6 competitors are left, and they will perform for the votes of America once again, as they have the past few months. The season is winding down, and the remaining competitors must do their best or risk getting sent home tomorrow by not getting enough votes. There are sure to be some of the season’s best performances yet on The Voice tonight!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, introduced the remaining 6 competitors — who were on stage with him — and the coaches/mentors, as usual. Cee Lo’s last team member, Caroline Pennell, was eliminated from the competition last week, because she did not receive enough votes from you, America, to keep her for the rest of the season. Who  will be eliminated this week?

Carson said that each artist will perform twice tonight, one song that the artist chooses and dedicates to someone, and one which the mentor/coach of the artist chooses.

Blake gave Cole Vosbury a cool-looking left-handed Takamine guitar. Blake gave Cole “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates to sing tonight. He’ll be accompanying himself on an electric guitar.

Cole started off great, a capella. Then the musicians and backup singers kicked in. He was great! The audience clapped along as he sang. Cole definitely did this standard justice with his treatment of it. The audience gave him a standing ovation when he finished.

Blake: “Cole, you’re such a pro. That performance — it could be recorded and sold right now, and you wouldn’t have to change a thing, and it’d sell.”

Cee Lo: “Cole, I’m such a fan of Hall & Oates, and definitely of you. Great job tonight.”

Adam: “I love listening to you every time you’re up here. Great job, man.”

“Carson said that Adam has chosen a Reggae anthem this week for Tessanne Chin to sing. It’s “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley.

Tessanne said this song is important to her, and that Jamaica is a land of extremes.”

Adam told her to keep the song simple and powerful, and to sing it as Tessanne.

Tessanne rocks this Reggae song — the audience have their hands swaying in the air as she sings. Adam, I could see, was listening with his eyes closed, getting into the song. Tessanne was in the center stage aisle, and it looked as if she was right down there with the audience as she sang. She hit the high notes, and was spectacular. If she doesn’t move on to next week, something’s seriously messed up, because she nailed this song.

Carson: “That was a strong start to the night.”

Adam: “That song means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to you. The things that are said in that song and the way they’re said — to carry that flag and to do it as well as you did — tonight, listening to you, people will understand the potency of Bob Marley and also Tessanne Chin.”

Christina: “Very lovely. Good job.”

“And now, the first dedication of the night,” Carson said.

Matthew Schuler dedicated the song “The Story of My Life” by One Direction to his family. He did an AWESOME  job singing it — it’s a very moving, powerful song, and he ROCKED it out. The audience was clapping along at double-speed as he sang. He sang it with so much emotion, and demonstrated his powerful pipes. Matthew got a standing ovation! He needs to be voted on, also, America –but, all of the remaining performers are so good!

“I love this song choice for you! When the choir came out, it became so special! I will  be so sad if anything happens to take you away from this!” Christina said.

Adam: ” I’m not that familiar with the song, but I am now. You’re great, man; honest to God. You can tread any ground you want to. It’s cool.”

Carson: “We’re off to a great start tonight. You’re watching The Voice live,” he said. Then, the show cut to a commercial break.

Carson read questions from fans to the coaches. Cee Lo, when asked who he liked now that he didn’t have anyone left on his team,

Will Champlin: “I’m going to dedicate “A Change is Going to Come” to my wife and family.”

Will sang this song very soulfully, and sounded like he was putting his heart and soul into it. He had the audience screaming at different points in the song. He has very powerful pipes, and can really hit the higher notes, too. His voice just soared — Adam has a damn strong team this season, IMHO. The audience erupted in applause as he finished singing.

Adam: “This dude can play. That dude is a bad-ass piano player. You have the courage to go out and sing one of the all-time classics, and do it in your own way. At the end of the day, it felt very real.”

Cee Lo: “Will, you definitely got soul, and most important, you’ve got heart. Great job!”

Carson: “We continue tonight with Team Adam’s Philadelphia rocker, James Wolpert.”

James is dedicating “Fell In Love with a Girl” by The White Stripes to his father. It’s a great song, and James NAILED it, accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. He sang FAST –it’s a very fast song — James did fantastic. The audience clapped along as he sang — will his performance be enough to keep him in the competition? If you liked it, America, and want James to move on, vote for him right after The Voice!

Adam: “This was a kind of different thing, it was really nice — no one has ever done this song like you did tonight, and I’m very proud of you.”

Blake: “You sang it on TEN. I didn’t realize there was a mess-up in the middle. I thought the pitch and everything was great.”

“Coming up, Jacquie Lee sing Janis Joplin,” Carson says. That is something that I, for one, will definitely be looking forward to hearing — Jacquie Lee has a very powerful voice, reminiscent of Joplin’s, so I’m sure she’ll do great.

Carson says that the next song will be a big song by the youngest singer left on The Voice. Jacquie Lee, 16, will be singing “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin.

Christina doesn’t want Jacquie to “second guess” herself. She tells Jacquie Lee: “You’re gonna kill it.”

And, KILL it she does, in an awesome, awesome way! Jacquie Lee has excellent range and power to her voice, and she is one of the favorites to go all of the way to the Finals, and possibly to win it all! She has such a soaring, captivating, powerful voice!

Carson, clearly astonished: “That is the youngest competitor left! Who ARE you? Where do you channel that from? That’s one of the best right there!”

Christina: “She left her heart right on the stage, right there! I see so much of me in you!”

Carson to Cee Lo: “You can’t fake that kind of funk! You really can’t!”

Cee Lo: “It’s truly amazing! And Christina, you have chosen such a wide, varied choice of songs for her!”

Adam: “If that isn’t you with your heart broken, I don’t want to see the Jacquie Lee with your heart broken! That was amazing!”

Cole Vosbury will be singing “Better Man” by Van Morrison on The Voice, and he is dedicating it to a love which didn’t work out for him, but one which he feel made him into a better man. He does a very soulful job of singing this song, and he packs it full of grit and emotion. Cole sang the crap out of it, and he played the guitar which Blake gave him as he sang.

Blake: “If you don’t get her back now, something’s wrong. That was awesome. You’re showing dimension — you can do it all. I respect you; I really do.”

Cee Lo: “It’s bittersweet for me, but it;s sweet to see you grow, to open up to the world. It reminds me that my ears and eyes and heart works. That makes me proud.”

Christina: “You have to be careful — you have to know when to preserve your voice for the show.”

Carson: “Tessanne Chin will be singing the emotional Katy Perry song “Unconditionally” and dedicating it to her parents.”

It was nice to hear Tessanne sing this powerful song by Katy Perry. She owned it, and made this version hers, singing powerfully, putting her all into the performance.

The light show was pretty darn cool, also — very nice — words don’t do it nor her rendition justice — check out the video, and all of the videos, because all of the remaining 6 gave it their all tonight. She got a standing ovation, of course.

Adam: “If it doesn’t show range to come out here and sing a Bob Marley song and then a Katy Perry song, I don’t know what does.”

Blake: “You’re a world-class vocalist. You can sing with the best vocalists on Earth. I haven’t seen anyone quite like you on the show. It’s amazing!”

Carson read another question: “Has Blake and Christina ever gone fishing?”

Christina said no, and Blake said “I’m a three-time champion on The Voice — I don’t have time to go fishing!”

Matthew Schuler will be singing a song that Christina picked out for him next — “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

“When you believe in a song, it just resonates,” Christina tells him.

With fog on the stage, accompanied by a piano and musicians in the background, Matthew cranked out a spectacular rendition of When a Man Loves a Woman. He sang it with such heart and soul. People in the audience waved their arms as he sang — Matthew hit some spooky high notes! He did a really, really great job, and was rewarded with a standing ovation!

Christina: “It really takes a great vocalist to embody so many different genres. For songs like this, Percy Sledge, you have to really grind your heels in. You have this wide range — I have some great ideas.”

Blake: ‘This is definitely a night for the classics. That was as good as I’ve ever heard you sing. Great job.”

From Team Adam, Will Champlin will sing “Hey Brother” by Avicii. “If I do it right, it will definitely strike a chord with the audience.” Will says.

Will knocks it out of the park! He accompanies himself as he sings on the banjo. There are flames and smoke behind him as he sings. Will has a great vocal range, and he showed it with this song. He hit some high notes towards the end of the song, also.

Adam: “I love that song! It’s cut from so many different pieces of cloth. It’s such an interesting blend of styles. You’re a really powerful vocalist, man.”

Blake: “I never heard that song. That’s actually a cool song. By the way, I liked the banjo. Banjos are cool, man!”

Carson: “Coming up, Jacquie Lee sings one of her coach’s most inspirational songs.” That will be after the next commercial break.

After the break, Carson introduces Jacquie Lee again. She says that she will be singing “The Voice Within.” She says she’s dedicating it to her coach, Christina Aguilera (This song wasn’t yet posted at YouTube, nor was the James Wolpert one which concluded this episode of The Voice — “I’d Do Anything for Love” — so, I haven’t included videos of those two songs here).

Jacquie Lee sang it so angelically, with such soulful power. She faced off against the choir, and traded vocal licks with them — she is freakin’ AMAZING! She had the audience cheering — WOW! Christina stood up and applauded her.

Christina: “Wow! it’s a very special song for me to hear. It’s a struggle to find yourself when you’re so young. It’s really an interesting place to be. This song is about trusting yourself. I wrote this song when I was about 21. I just see so many things for you in the future — you’re just touching the surface. It’s a big song, with a lot of notes. It’s HUGE! It’s a big challenge to, at 16, be able to deliver the way you do, time and time again!”

Remember, America, to vote for your favorites! They’re all good — to ensure that the ones you really like the best stay in the competition, you need to vote right after this episode of The Voice!

Carson, after the last break of The Voice, says that the final performer of the night is James Wolpert. The song Adam gives him is “I’d Do Anything for Love” by Meatloaf.

Adam tells him “the ending needs to be ridiculously over the top.”

James Wolpert cranks out this song by Meatloaf — he starts it slowly, but then he kicks it into overdrive! The audience had their arms and hands over their heads, waving them about — Wolpert NAILED the song, possibly (hopefully) saving him to move on to next week. The audience gave him a standing ovation, naturally.

Adam: “It’s such a great song. By the way, James is sick — I don’t know if you all knew that. I know you’re going to be hard on yourself, but I can assure you, you have nothing to worry about. I think you handled it like a champ.”

Cee Lo: “James, I think you did a really great job. You command the stage — it’s not overbearing — it’s just cool. You know what they say about saving the best for last.”

Okay — WOW! That wraps up The Voice tonight, with the Top 6 singing their hearts out — I hate to see any of them go, but your votes, America, will send one of the remaining 6 competitors home tomorrow night. If you want to make sure your personal favorite moves on, you need to vote for him/her.