YouTube Crackdown on a Billion Fake Views From Big Artists [Video]

Youtube crackdown on fake views

Big artists such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys took a hit as YouTube cracked down on a billion “fake” views. Since Sony and Universal artists depend on YouTube as a pivotal video outlet, it was jarring to both labels to be left with hardly any videos on YouTube’s site after the cuts.

Of course, sources from the music industry are blaming technical difficulties rather than owning up to any breach of policy. YouTube did assert that the enforcement of their view count policy was not induced by a security breach or virus. However, claims from users do shed light on the technical “sweeping” of YouTube’s site, which does seem to lend little credence to the unfortunate errors.

Record executives from Universal bring up the point that many of their videos have been moved to another video-sharing site called Vevo, and it was in that migration that technical difficulties became apparent.

Most of the users affected were not amused and had also protested with the claims that  they were just victims of “technical errors,” however, YouTube warns users of any glitch-like errors that can be easily be misconstrued as a breach of policy. YouTube enforces scrutiny of a large amount of views on any particular video, which may result in a ban of a user and their videos upon discovery of the breach. The crackdown on a billion faked views on big artists can only be construed as a breach in YouTube’s policy since the affected artists’ videos were not seen as a minor technical error – with a billion artificially inflated views, it was an obvious violation. It was unfortunate for Universal and Sony who were not excluded from being sanctioned for the noted violations.

Each month YouTube has nearly a billion visits from users either posting or viewing videos. This means that almost five billion hours’ worth of videos are viewed monthly. YouTube had over a trillion unique views as reported in 2011. Recent numbers have drastically changed since the cuts on the artificially inflated views.

YouTube is regarded as a music chart for independent and big artists alike. It is an important facet to the entertainment world that can make an overnight star out of anyone with buzz-worthy talent. With that kind of power, it is no mystery that the monster video-sharing site can cripple stars like Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. This scandal might be the answer to a popular question pertaining to why these artists are more popular than they deserve to be.

While YouTube bans users from artificially inflating views on their videos, there are actual YouTube videos from users who instruct other users on how to fake 1000 views in one hour. Such videos appear as “educational use only,” however, there is no doubt that many use such instruction videos for personal gain.

Video instruction on how to fake 1000 views in one hour:

It is likely that, though YouTube was able to crackdown on a billion fake views, big stars such as Minaj and Bieber will continue to profit from the “Sheeple” who are convinced that they are talented.

*Inclusion of video is for demonstration purposes only. Guardian Express does not condone any activity that is in violation of YouTube policies.


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  2. Vin Kerosene   December 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Seems to be video payola?


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