The X Factor Results Show December 5 (Review & Video)

The X Factor Results Show December 5, 2013

The Top 6 performed twice on The X Factor last night, and tonight, they will learn which two of them will not be on the show next week. Only the Final 4 will move on, the other two will be sent home tonight. The person who received the lowest amount of votes from you, America, will be sent home early in tonight’s episode of The X Factor, and at the end of the show, the mentors/judges will decide which of the next two lowest vote-getters will also be sent home. Oh, and — Emblem 3 and Little Mix will also be performing tonight!

Mario Lopez, the host of The X Factor, began the episode Results Show by introducing the Top 6 competitors. He said “there is a Double Elimination coming up tonight! Four acts will will be moving on, while two will be going home!”

It’s also The X Factor USA vs. The X Factor UK! Emblem 3 will be for The X Factor UK, and Little Mix will be the act from a past season of The X Factor USA.

Mario said that Alex and Sierra’s version of “Say Something” from last night was Number One as a download at iTunes — awesome! The X Factor then went to the first commercial break of this hour-long episode.

After the break, Mario said that soon, one of the dreams of the Top 6 will be coming to an end, when he/she is eliminated from The X Factor. We then were given a backstage look at the Top 6, and they each said that preparing for each episode takes them all week between the shows, and that it’s very “intense.”

Ellona said that “The night before a show, I can’t sleep.”

Rion said “The moment I get up on the stage, I want to be at 110 percent.”

Mario said “Let’s get to the first result. The person who received the lowest amount of votes will be sent home.” He then introduced the judges and their team members each have left.

“Based on America’s votes, the first act leaving the competition right now is — Ellona Santiago!” Mario said. I admit, I was stunned to hear this.

Mario: “This is a real shock on the stage and in the audience. Let’s give her a big round of applause.”

“Crap,” I kept saying, and  “I can’t believe that!”

I really don’t know how she was the first one chosen to be sent home of the Top 6. Maybe people thought she was easily safe, so didn’t vote for her in enough numbers to ensure that she would be safe. Who knows?

Mario then said that Emblem 3 will be performing right after the break.

Emblem 3 performed their song “Just for One Day.” They had the audience rockin’ as they sang, waving lights in the air above their heads, and screaming and cheering. Parts, to me, anyway, sounded a bit Reggae-influenced.

Afterwards, they announced they were going on their first USA tour early in 2014, and tickets would go on sale next week. Then, there was another commercial break.

“Mario: “There are five acts left! Right now, your votes will put three of them right through to the Finals! The first act safe and through to the Finals is — Restless Road! The next act safe and through to the Finals is — Alex & Sierra! That leaves three acts — Jeff Gutt, Rion Paige, and  Carlito Olivero. The last act going straight through to the Finals is — Jeff Gutt! That leaves Rion Paige and Carlito Olivero. Both have been in this position before.”

Both Carlito and Rion are amazing performers. This is a terrible situation for anyone to be put into. They will both perform head-to-head, and then the judges will decide which one will stay, and which will be sent home.

First, though, Mario introduces Little Mix from The X Factor USA, and they sing their hit “Move.” Little Mix is an all-female group of four — I have never heard this song before, but they sound really good.  The audience clapped as they sang. They danced around the judges, even, and then went back on the stage to finish the song.

Then, Mario said the after the commercial break, the first one of the two acts who received the lowest amounts of votes would perform. This is a conclusion I really hoped I wouldn’t see happen, as I like both of these two singers.

Demi introduced Rion Paige, who sang “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. She was seated as she sang.

Rion has such a melodic and wonderful voice, and once again showed off her impressive vocal range, and packed the song with a ton of emotion. At the end, she said “God bless you all, thank you, thank you,” as the audience screamed and cheered.

After the commercial break, Mario said “It’s all or nothing.” Then, Paulina Rubio introduced Carlito Olivero.

Carlito took center stage, singing “You Make Me Wanna…. ” The young females in the audience were screaming for him right from the start, and didn’t let up.  He did a great job. If the judges go by how much the audience screamed, he would move on, easily. That doesn’t necessarily say which of them is the better singer, but….

Demi: “It’s really difficult, because I love you, Rion, so much. You both deserve a place in the Finals. The act that I’m sending home…I’ve got to stick with my girl…it’s Carlito.”

Paulina: “I just don’t think…two artists who are so different should be fighting for this competition. Even though I’m the mentor for Carlito, this is really hard. I have to stick with my team and I want Carlito to stay. I will send Rion home.”

Kelly: “First of all, I want to say congratulations to both of you. I love you, Rion. I give you Hell every week, but you work hard and you say that you will keep working at it. The act I’ll be sending home is…Rion. “

Simon: “I like both of you. I genuinely do. The minute I first saw you, Rion, you’ve been a pleasure to work with. And, Carlito, you come from a tough upbringing, and deserve to be here. I’m going to send home — Rion.”

Then, Mario took a look back at the highlights of Rion’s path to tonight, and the amazing performances she’s given so far. I really thought America would be seeing her in the Finals, but it looks as if that’s not to be.

At the time I was finishing this recap/review, the only video yet posted at YouTube from this episode of The X Factor was “Move” by Little Mix, so that’s the one I’ve included here.

Next Wednesday, the Top 4 competitors will be performing songs which you, America, chooses for them to sing. It should be another interesting episode of The X Factor, filled with great music and suspense, as the last four performers fight to be the ultimate victor on The X Factor and get the prize of a million dollar recording contract. What did you think of this episode of The X Factor, America? Who would you like to see be the ultimate winner? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb