The X Factor Semi-Finals Results Show December 12 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor December 12, 2013

On The X Factor Results Show tonight, we will learn who will be the Top Three competitors who get to move on to the Finals next week, and which competitor will get sent home. Restless Road and Alex & Sierra, of The Groups Team (Simon Cowell’s team), are left, as well as Jeff Gutt from Kelly Rowland’s Over 25s and Carlito Olivero from Paulina Rubio’s The Boys team. Demi Lovato has no one left on The Girls team, but she is still acting as an impartial  judge on The X Factor.

A couple of last night’s performances, the one by Alex & Sierra of “Gravity” and Jeff Gutt’s version of “Demons,” by Imagine Dragons brought Demi and Kelly to tears, because the songs were so intense and heartfelt.  It was an emotional song-filled night, with each of the acts singing three different songs.

Mario Lopez, the host of The X Factor, began the show by saying that Enrique Iglesias will perform, and then he introduced the judges and competitors, who performed “(What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You) Stronger.” They were INCREDIBLE! The females in the audience screamed as they sang. They ROCKED this song!

“There are four acts, three of them which will be moving forward to the Finals,” Mario said. “Which three will they be? We’ll find out after these commercials.”

Right after the commercials, Mario announced that “One Direction will be back with us” next week! That should be pretty cool, if you’re a fan of One Direction. Also, we saw a recap of last night’s terrific performances from the Top Four Competitors.

Kelly: “Jeff huffed and puffed and blew the whole house down,” she said of her remaining team member, Jeff Gutt.

Carlito said “I think I held my own and proved I can hang with the best.” Well, he said something close to that….

Simon told Carlito that it was “the best week you’ve had in the competition so far.”

For me, the two big highlights of last night were Alex & Sierra singing “Gravity” and Jeff Gutt performing “Demons.” Both were AMAZING performances, and Jeff Gutt singing “Every Breath You Take” with Restless Road was another highlight of the episode.

After break, we heard the Top Four talk about how they want to be in the Top Three, and that they were getting one step closer to realizing their dreams.

Mario: “The wait is over. The decision is all yours, America.” Mario again introduced the judges and contestants. The first competitor going through to next week’s Finals is — we’ll find out right after break.” IMHO, that was just not right. Grumble, grumble, grumble….Mario had said that “the wait is over” and yet, now, we have to wait until more commercials are over.

Mario: “The very first act going through to next week’s Finals is — Carlito Olivero!”

Carlito: “Oh, my God, man! I love you all so much!”

Then, we got to hear a brand-new performance by Carlito, which he sang in both Spanish and English — “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo. The audience clapped along as he sang. He blew kisses to the women judges, and danced about the stage as he sang. I couldn’t find this song posted on YouTube by the time I had the rest of this article ready, so unfortunately, I haven’t included it here.

Mario said we’d find out who the other competitors are who will be moving on to next week’s The X Factor episode, Finals, after another commercial break.

Enrique Iglesias took the stage to sing his hit “Heart Attack.” The stage was lit up with green and blue lights as he sang. It was a pretty cool song, and the audience screamed and cheered as he sang. Iglesias put on a great performance.

The X Factor then went to yet another commercial break. Ugh!

Mario welcomed back the remaining Semi-Finalists. He said he’ll announce the second act to move on. Based on America’s votes, the second act to go through to the Finals is — Alex & Sierra!”

Alex & Sierra then sang “Let Her Go” by Passenger. What a fantastic performance! I was hoping that they would make it. They sang with such emotion in their voices — they are now closer than they’re ever been to winning the recording contract and being the ultimate winners this season on The X Factor.

“There’s only one place yet, and only one act will go through,” Mario said. He will announce who the fourth person/act going through to the Finals right after the next commercial break.

“This is it. Based on America’s votes, the third act going through to the Finals is — Jeff Gutt!” Mario announced. WOO-HOO!

Simon to Restless Road: “I’m really disappointed, guys, but this is not the end.”

We took a look back at Restless Road’s performances this past season. They are a truly great band, and I am pretty sure that they will have no problems landing a recording contract, especially with a little help from Simon.

That said, “Congratulations, Jeff Gut, Alex & Sierra, and Carlito Olivero!”

Next, we heard Jeff Gutt singing “Open Arms.” It was a magnificent, superb performance! He displayed his powerful pipes and wide vocal range, and I felt he made it very easy to see why he was chosen by America to be in the Top Three.

The competitors who will be in the Finals next week on The X Factor are Carlito Olivero, Alex & Sierra, and Jeff Gutt! Did your favorites make it through? If not, who would you have liked to have seen in the Finals? Please leave your comments below!, stay tuned with me next week to see the Finals and who wins on The X Factor, then come back here to read my recap/review of the episode!