The X Factor Top 6 Perform December 4 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Alex & Sierra December 6, 2013

On The X Factor tonight, the remaining Top 6 acts will perform. They will be fighting for a space in the Semi-Fianl Rounds, which begin next week. It’s Divas Night, a sort of unplugged night when the stars will do their best to unleash their Inner Divas and shine! Each act will perform twice tonight. Tomorrow night, there will be a double elimination — which two acts will be leaving, and which four will stay, on The X Factor?

The host of The X Factor, Mario Lopez, announced the judges to start the show. He said that the Top 6 will “face another double elimination” tonight.

The Groups are up first, which is Simon’s group — Restless Road will be performing first. Simon has chosen for them to sing a song by Taylor Swift, her current hit, “Red.” They do a fantastic job, as usual, and have the audience clapping along and the females screaming for them from the very beginning of the song. The audience gives them a standing ovation.

Kelly: “You know what I love about you guys the most this week? Your vocals are so tight! You guys have come a long way – congratulations!”

Demi: “You guys have come a really long way! I would love to hear more solos, but you guys were great!”

Paulina: “I know that Simon chose this song under the influence of alcohol — it was amazing!”

Simon: “No one has worked harder than you guys! There’s a million-dollar recording contract waiting for you, and you deserve it!”

Demi then introduced Rion Paige, who will be singing next. She will sing a song by Carrie Underwood, “See You Again.” She says that everyone’s been throwing her viewing and voting parties, and she wanted to thank them.

Demi said that this is Rion’s chance to fight back and win this competition. She added that she’s more than capable of doing so.

Rion sang beautifully — she has an incredible voice! She instilled so much emotion into the song, it sounded so heart-felt and moving. The audience clapped along as Rion sang.She had a very powerful voice, with an expressive and wide vocal range. The audience erupted in applause.

Kelly: “When you sing, it’s always genuine, and it comes from a real place. Congratulations”

Paulina: “I love you! I would say, always wear your hair down”

Simon: “It was a good song; just not the best song for you. The great thing about tonight is that we have two songs. I think that the second song will be best for you.”

Demi: “No one can sing like you. When you came out, you took my breath away.”

Rion to Mario: “Tonight, I just wanted to own the stage.” I thought she did an extremely good job of doing just that, and she has one more song to go!

Jeff Gutt is performing next. He is Kelly Rowland’s last team member for The Over 25s. He has really kicked it into high gear the last couple of weeks, especially. Jeff is a terrific singer from Detroit, and he is definitely one of the best singers left in the competition. He will be singing a song by the great diva, Mariah Carey — “Without You.”

Jeff’s voice soared to the rafters with this song. He did great, as usual, and had the audience clapping along as he sang. He really belted out the lyrics to this amazing song, and he, also, got a standing ovation.

Demi: “I think you’ve come a long way. My niece is obsessed with you, and I think that means you have the X Factor.”

Paulina: “You remind me of Axl Rose. Next time, show me that blood.”

Simon: “I don’t mean to be rude — you are quite boring as a person — but, when you come onto the stage, you transform. You are someone who really wants to win the competition. That was the best performance of the night, so far!”

Kelly: “That was absolutely amazing!”

Mario: “Still to come, Ellona Santiago with her take on a Lady Gaga song.” Then, The X Factor went to a commercial break.

Demi introduced her next act, Ellona Santiago. She will be singing a song by Lady Gaga, “Applause.” She says that each week, her friends, family, and community votes for her. Demi says in order to make it to the Semi-Finals, Ellona has to have confidence, and sing like a star.

Ellona sings it note-perfect, sounding like the diva that she was born to be. She has a tremendous stage presence, and really cranked it up a notch with how she performed this Lady Gaga song. The audience, again, gave her a standing ovation.

Kelly: “Ellona Santiago! WOW! This was truly one of the best performances I’ve ever heard you sing!”

Paulina: “Listen to her, listen to me! When you have that power, that talent, it doesn’t matter what you sing! You are Ellona!”

Simon: “You’ve gone from being a mouse to a tiger! I loved that version! I seriously, seriously loved it!”

Demi: “Thank you, Simon! That was actually appropriate from you, for once! You have a seriously good chance of wining it all!”

Mario reminded America “You’ve got to vote, people! You can vote as often as you like, tonight for two hours, and online until 10:00 a.m.”

Simon: “I’m dedicating this song to the gorgeous Kelly Rowland. Alex & Sierra will be singing it.”

We see scenes of Alex & Sierra at home, and with their own communities, who are also having viewing and voting parties.Sierra said that for Diva’s Week, Simon has chosen for them a song by Destiny’s Child, which Kelly was a member of — this should be very interesting. The song is “Say My Name.”

Alex starts off and sounds great — then, Sierra walked onto the stage, singing a part of it. They did an outstanding job of singing this fantastic song, and the audience screamed at various places as they were singing it. They then cheered, screamed, and applauded loudly a the end.

Kelly: “Okay, I must admit, I was not ready for that! I was really shocked, but you guys really actually pulled it off!”

Demi: “I must be completely honest — oh my God, Sierra! You’ve really come out of your shell! I know you’re not in my category, but I really want to see you in the Finals!”

Paulina: “I love you guys! I just think you have a potential space in this industry.”

Simon: “I get the feeling that I’m looking at winners here. You’re willing to take a risk, and I genuinely think that there’s a space in the market for you.”

Mario once again reminded America to vote for their favorites, and siad that Carlito Olivero will be performing next.

Paulina: “The next act is the unique, the well-known, the well-liked, Carlito Olivero!” Carlito grew up in Chicago. He said it’s a very tight-knit community. Paulina invited him into her house — Paulina says that “Carlito is my last boy.”

Paulina wanted to have Carlito sing a song that will make his performance really stand out. “I have to work harder than ever before. I have to make Chicago proud of me,” Carlito said. The song he sings is “Let’s Get Loud!” The young females in the audience were screaming from the start. Many people were standing up, and rocking out, as Carlito sang and jammed out, himself.

Kelly: “Carlito, last week was a really good week for you — I thought that this song, for me, fell a little flat.”

Demi: “Last week was really hard to top. I don’t think you topped it. Last week made you connect with the girls. You can do bett with the second song.”

Simon: “Girls, I think that you are being really unfair to him. I would hate to lose you from this competition, I really would.”

Paulina: “You have all of Chicago, Illinois, voting for you.”

Mario says that the Top 6 have now all performed once — now, they will have to perform again, but unplugged! Which of the Top 6 will shine with these unplugged songs on The X Factor, and which will struggle?

Simon: “This is a song I absolutely love, and it’s going to be sung by Restless Road.”

The song that Restless Road sings, accompanied by a piano, is “Wake Me Up.” The members each take their turns singing parts of the song, then they seamlessly blended their voices together. Restless Road is a fantastic, really cool group, and I predict that they will sell a lot of albums very soon.

Kelly: “Each one of you left your hearts right on the stage! Andrew, Zach, Colten — you’ve all grown so much!”

Demi: “You’re making me cry right now! You’ve earned your places i the Finals right now!”

Paulina: “You guys need to cry because this is real and this is happening!”

Simon: “You know, guys, this is what I really wanted and hoped you to become! I would buy that song right now on iTunes!”

Demi: “My next act, from Jacksonville, Florida, give it up for Rion Paige!” Rion will be performing “Glass.”

Rion, AWESOME is maybe the best word to describe your performance — Rion has such an angelic, but powerful and soaring, voice. She put her all into singing this song, and the audience stood up and applauded

Kelly: “I think what is wonderful about unplugged songs is you can give your entire self up.” She was about to cry, because the way Rion sang was so freakin’ emotionally charged.

Paulina really loved it, as did Simon, who said that she likely saved herself with that song.

Demi: “I LOVED you! America BETTER vote for you! Nobody is perfect; nobody!”

Mario said that after the next commercial break, Jeff Gutt will sing.
“Welcome back to The X Factor. It’s turned into a really emotional night” Mario said.

Kelly: “For Jeff’s Unplugged song, I chose ‘Daniel’ by Elton John.”
Jeff said Daniel is the name of his brother, so he thought it was a great song for him to be singing.

My God, Jeff can sing so well — there is just one Elton John, of course, but Jeff gave a really fantastic unplugged version of this song, playing the guitar as he sang it. Everyone stood up and applauded him –remarkable.

Demi: “I thought it was good, but a bit stale.”

Jeff: “It was really for my brother and the sacrifices he’s made.”

Paulina: “The fact that you sang for your brother — I loved it.”

Simon: “I am glad that you dedicated it to your brother. The sentiment on that was really strong, so I think you had a great night.”

Kelly: “The fact that you shared your heart with us speaks volumes for us, and it’s why you really need to stay in this competition.”

Mario said that coming up, Ellona Santiago will perform. She is worried that her voice might not be strong enough to win this competition, but, from what I’ve heard so far, it’s plenty strong enough! She sings “If I Were a Boy.”

As she sang, the audience clapped along — Ellona sang beautifully — I loved this version of this song! Her voice hit some uber high notes, and she put a lot of emotion into the song, leaving her heart upon the stage. The audience erupted in screams and applause as she finished.

Kelly: “Ellona, you have such a big, beautiful voice! I think you should explore the softer tones a little bit more.”

Paulina: “I feel I am watching a superstar.”

Simon: “This is what we’ve been waiting for! That was incredible! It was one of my favorite performances from you so far!”

Demi: “You have a phenomenal voice! America’s just gotta pull through!”

It’s Alex & Sierra’s turn next to sing an Unplugged song, “Say Something.” Sierra will play the piano for the first time ever in front of an audience. It’s either “go big or go home” for them. The song that’s their Unplugged one is AMAZING!

Alex starts off the song — I love this song — they sing it so beautifully together, also. Paulina and Simon stood up as they finished singing and gave them a standing ovation.

Demi: “The two of you playing instruments together was so magical. The two of you never took your eyes off of each other. It was so magical. We need you guys in the Final Four!”

Paulina: “You guys are different, you guys are edgy, you guys rock!”

Simon: “This was not just the best of the performances of the night; it was the best of the entire season! I WILL be downloading it after the show!”

Paulina Rubio introduced her last performer of The Boys team, Carlito Olivero. He will be singing for his Unplugged song “Stand By Me.” He started it off in English, then switched flawlessly to Spanish, and back and forth — Carlito did a FANTASTIC job — the young women in the audience were screaming and cheering for him, and the audience were standing and clapping throughout his performance.

Kelly: “Carlito, you know, that was actually the best vocal I’ve heard you do this entire competition.”

Demi: “I wanted to hear your voice, because you sounded so amazing!”

Simon: “It was better than the first song. I would really be upset, I have to be honest with you, if we lost you.”

Paulina: “I LOVE you! I think this is the best performance EVER.”

Okay, there you have it , America–voting is now open, so vote for your favorites, and vote often! Simon, of course, said taht the night clearly belonged to Alex & Sierra and Restless Raod –they were great, but Simon likes to give shameless plugs, as do the other judges, like Paulina for Carlito. I don’t blame them, though — besides the awesome performances of the singers, it’s nice to know that your coach/mentor has your back, and supports you, and wants to do all that’s humanly possible to get America to vote for you, and not the other competitors on The X Factor.

America, please let me know by your comments who you thought gave the best performances tonight, and tell me why you think that — and please also tune in to watch The X Factor tomorrow night, with me, and then come back here to read my recap/review of The X Factor!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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