Tom Cruise Settles $50 Million Lawsuit Alleging He Abandoned Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise Settles $50 Million Lawsuit

Tom Cruise has settled the $50 million lawsuit he and his attorney, Bert Fields, had against Bauer Media Group, about an article they published alleging that Cruise had “abandoned” his daughter, Suri — who is six years old — for a period of several weeks.

Coming to terms, or resolving, the case against Bauer Media Group might be a more accurate way to phrase the outcome of the lawsuit. While exact information about any possible monetary settlement and other details have not yet been released, in return for the dismissal of the lawsuit, Bauer Media Groups has issued an apology. Also, each side in the case will be responsible for paying for their own legal costs.

The apology stated that Bauer Publishing and the two magazines it publishes which ran the story, Life & Style and In Touch, “never intended to communicate that Tom Cruise had cut off all ties and abandoned his daughter, Suri.”

Tom Cruise learned about the report published by the two Bauer Publishing-owned magazines in October 2012. He was, understandably, unhappy with the inaccurate portrayal of the incidents surrounding his divorce and how it supposedly led to his having “abandoned” his daughter, Suri, so he decided to file a lawsuit against Bauer Publishing.

Tom Cruise’s lawyer, Fields, said in a statement that Cruise isn’t the type of person who likes to “go around suing people.” He just didn’t like it that certain “sleaze peddlers” were making “disgusting lies about his relationship with his child.”

To have the lawsuit resolved in his favor, Tom Cruise and his lawyer needed to prove that Bauer Media Group had malice against him. That is one of the ugly parts about the lawsuit — for example, Cruise’s side tried to make the case that Bauer had Nazi ties somewhere in the past, and that might be behind a reason why the Bauer Media Group wanted to go after Cruise, because he is a very well-known Scientologist.

That aspect of the lawsuit didn’t go all that well for Tom Cruise — he had to foot the bill for the legal costs Bauer Media Group incurred.

However, in his legal wrangling to get Bauer to reveal its sources, Tom Cruise was more successful, as his side got the publishing company to admit that they didn’t have any sources for the article.

Suri and her relationship with Tom Cruise and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, has been the subject of much media attention, as she is the daughter of two of the biggest Hollywood celebrities around.

The lawyers at Davis Wright Tremaine that represented the Bauer Media Group attempted to support the idea that Tom Cruise “abandoned” Suri by requesting information for her mental health files, and they questioned the role that Cruise’s connections with Scientology had in his degree of parental involvement with his daughter and how the connection might relate to Cruise’s contact with Suri in the aftermath of his divorce from Katie Holmes.

It has looked like the legal battle would be a lengthy one, and that even Katie Holmes might be called upon to off her testimony. But, the two sides have settled their dispute, and Tom Cruise is using the extensive visitation rights agreed upon in his divorce settlement to spend some quality time with his daughter.

Tom Cruise appears ready to put the $50 million lawsuit behind him, now, and just concentrate on being a good father to his daughter. In June, Cruise took Suri– who lives in Manhattan, New York, with her mother, Katie Holmes — on a vacation to a high-end resort located in West Virginia, and the actor has continued to maintain contact with Suri, trying to spend as much time with her as his busy schedule will allow.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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