Tom Daley Announces He Is Gay

Tom Daley

To bring an end to rumors or speculation, Tom Daley recently announced that he is gay. Since spring this year, he has been dating a man, and is very happy in his life. Rumors and beliefs have spread about his sexuality for many years.

Olympic bronze medalist, Daley, won the hearts of the nation when he was just 15-years-old. He dived his way to winning gold at the World Championships in 2009. He hoped to do the same in 2012 at the London Olympics with his diving partner, Peter Waterfield, but it was not meant to be. The two were out of sync in one of their dives, leading to being knocked down to third place.

They hope to win the gold at next year’s Commonwealth Games, but it seems to be Waterfield’s last, as he can no long afford to pay for his sport. Daley will have five months to find another partner to compete in the Barcelona World Championships in 2015.

Daley opening up about his relationships is a shock to all. He has never felt comfortable talking about it in the past, but whether he hasn’t felt comfortable about his sexuality or just admitting to it isn’t clear. He has done documentaries in the past and written a book, but he only shared the information that he wanted to. Right now, he is happy and ready to talk about the man he is dating. However, he shared that his main reason was due to being misquoted by the Daily Mail. The British newspaper stated he said that he was “not gay”. While it shouldn’t matter, he felt “angry” and “frustrated”, so he had to do something about it.

Daley is going against the pattern by revealing he is gay while still competing in his sport. Most share their preferences once they retire, or when they are about to retire, but there is no wrong or right time. People will always have an opinion, whether that is good or bad.

It hasn’t been an easy few years for the Olympic diver. In 2011, his dad died of cancer, and this year he finished his A-levels. Between all that and his diving career, it has definitely been a “hectic” and busy year. Daley also hosted the TV show Splash, where celebrities would compete against each other in the dive pool. Many may ask where he found the time to have a relationship at all.

The Commonwealth hopeful revealed all in a YouTube video for his fans and those who support him. He also explains exactly why he is revealing the truth, and why he has decided to do it now.

Daley announcing that he is gay may not be a surprise to many. For others, it could turn out to be the biggest shock of the year. He understands that some people won’t support him due to their views and opinions, but what matters is his happiness and that he is truthful. He is happy and that all that matters right now.

By Alexandria Ingham

The Telegraph

International Business Times

The Telegraph

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