The Tenth Circle A Blaine McCracken Novel (Review)

The Tenth Circle A Blaine McCracken Novel

Blaine McCracken is back  in Jon Land’s latest thriller, The Tenth Circle. He is in a race against time to stop terrorists from unleashing the ultimate weapon, and during the president’s State of the Union Address.

Earlier in The Tenth Circle, Blaine thwarts the attempts of the Iranians to create nuclear bombs, but when he has to face a hate-filled religious evangelist leader, the Reverend Jeremiah Rule, in the United States, who is Hell-bent on provoking the initiation of a Holy War against the Moslems, will even Blaine be able to prevent an all-out Holy War?

How do the plans of the terrorists relate to the events of 1590, when an entire colony of British settlers vanish from their colony on Roanoke Island? Or, to what happened in 1872, when the freighter Mary Celeste is discovered drifting at sea, everyone aboard gone missing, never to be seen again? How, if at all, are these two mysteries connected?

The Reverend Jeremiah Rule has gone from being a door-to-door Bible salesman to being a spiritual conduit for hate-mongers. In his previous job and life, Rule killed a boy’s dog, slamming him over and over again with a Bible, because the dog was growling at him and barking. He also kicked the dog in the ribs.

When the boy who owns the dog confronts Rule, then attempts to run back to his house, Rule ends up also killing him. Then, he takes this terrible incident and turns it into a turning point in his life, a religious sort of experience. He believes that God has shown him that everyone is a sinner, and that even though he has committed the ultimate sin, God wants to use him.

However, Islamic terrorist cells in the United States retaliate, not taking kindly to Rule’s habit of burning Korans at his meetings. They begin doing things like blowing up bridges. One bridge that they happen to blow up is the Daniel Boone one, and someone that McCracken knows was on the bridge — his grandson. Actually, Andrew is the son of someone who Blaine had thought for awhile was his son, and McCracken has always considered him to be like a son. Likewise, he’s considered his “son’s” son, Andrew Ericson, to be his grandson.

McCracken, of course, wants to go after the terrorists who blew up the bridge, but he also feels that Rule was responsible for their actions, so when he gets the go-ahead to assassinate Rule, and make it look like a heart attack, Blaine jumps at the chance to do so.

McCracken goes to one of Rule’s rallies, where he invites the gathered throngs to burn items that they feel are related to Moslems or the Islamic religion. McCracken has a perfect shot lined up, but he is intrigued by all of the professional-looking bodyguards around Jeremiah Rule, and he begins to wonder who might be the puppet master behind the backwoods preacher, pulling his strings.

Then, when McCracken finds himself set up, and on the run for having supposedly opened fire on Rule’s bodyguards — when someone else did — he stumbles across a government agent who has been killed, but who has left behind the clue “Croatoan.” That was also the word carved into a tree on the island of Roanoke, presumably by one of the would-be settlers.

What is the link? McCracken wonders; and is Andrew actually dead, or did he somehow survive the plunge into the icy Missouri River below the Daniel Boone Bridge? To find out the answers to these questions and more, and to discover who is behind the efforts to provoke an all-out war with Islamic people around the world, McCracken will have to chase clues across the United States and explore the mysteries of the past, somehow the events unfolding in the present are inexorably linked with those of the past, of the mysterious disappearance of the settlers on Roanoke Island, and the contents of the Mary Celeste‘s cargo holds.

When Chicago’s O’Hare Airport comes under attack by the terrorists, and an immense explosion takes out several planes on the runway, McCracken realizes that the Islamic radicals have taken their hostilities to a new level.

Joining Blaine McCracken on his quest to discover the truth, stop the terrorists, and put an end to Jeremiah Rules hate-inspired rhetoric, are his sidekick the seven-foot-tall Johnny Wareagle and associate Sal Belamo, who at one time had been an interrogator for the CIA. Can they prevent the tenth circle of Hell from being unleashed, and destroying the very country they seek to protect?

The Tenth Circle by Jon Land is a thrilling, pulse-pounding read that will have you gasping for breath as it races towards its climax! Land has written 29 novels, and the first series he began were the Blaine McCracken novels. Also not-to-be-missed are Jon Land’s Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong novels, like Strong at the Break and Strong Justice, about fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong. If you love reading excellent novels in the mystery/thriller genres, you can do no better than Jon Land’s books! The Tenth Circle will be available in bookstores December 17, 2013. You can buy it in paperback at Amazon now, for $11.33, or $9.99 for the Kindle version, at the link below.


Written by: Douglas Cobb