Spain Activists Strip to Make Their Point for Animals

Spain Activists Strip to Make Their Point for Animals

The animal rights group Animanaturalis gathered in a central square in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.  Their intention was to strip naked to make the point that killing animals to make fur coats and other items is just not on.

More than 5o activists piled themselves up in the center of Plaza de Sant Jaume in central Barcelona and daubed themselves with fake blood.  They added a huge metal cage to their tableau, containing even more of the protesters.

Aida Gascón, head of Animanaturalis in Spain, announced to fascinated spectators that the group wants consumers to be aware of the awful suffering that goes behind the fur industry.

Gascón said that while humans have so many alternatives when choosing what to wear, the animals have only one choice, and that this is not a human’s right to take.

She continued that it makes no sense to skin an animal when there are so many other materials available to us.

“Animals need their fur, you don’t,” she concluded.

The group reports that each year around 60 million foxes, lynxes, minks, otters, rabbits and other species are specially bred, raised in captivity, and then brutally killed for their fur.

Spain Activists Strip to Make Their Point for Animals

In China, even dogs and cats are added to the broad group of animals killed for their skins, to be used in clothing and fashion accessories.

This is the ninth consecutive year that Animanaturalis have protested on behalf of millions of animals who are abused each year and slaughtered for their skins.

Despite low winter temperatures in the city, the activists created the tableau and stayed there for 45 minutes to make people aware of the situation.

Gascón went on to thank all the brave activists who took part in the striking tableau and to those who collaborated in the protest.

This isn’t the first time that Animanaturalis activists in Spain have decided to strip off to make their point.  Back on  October 2, yet another tableau was created, dubbed “A Plate of Human Flesh” to honor the World Day for Farmed Animals and again make their point for animals.

At that event Gascón, stressed that the action held that day was to invite society to reflect on where the animals in the dishes they eat actually come from.

The group used the slogan “How much cruelty can you swallow?” and a couple were draped artistically on a realistic plate, surrounded by vegetables and with a huge knife and fork.

That particular protest or “performance” was held at the Mercat del Born in Barcelona so that people would “be aware of all the suffering and all the cruelty behind a plate of steak.”

The day of the event was the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a vegetarian for ethical reasons, and a logical choice of date indeed to remember the suffering of billions of animals each year for human consumption.

Basically Animanaturalis wishes to be a voice for justice and change for animals.  They wish to become an international leader in animal protection and for the promotion of alternatives to animal-based produce.

The group is not only in Spain but also in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.  The activists regularly strip down to the basics to defend animals’ legitimate rights to life, to not be tortured, to live in freedom and to make a point that living creatures should not be considered property.

By Anne Sewell

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