Ohio Student Brings Pellet Gun to School, Now in Custody

Ohio Student Brings Pellet Gun to School, Now in Custody


An Ohio student who brought a pellet gun to school is now in custody after there was a standoff inside his high school, police investigators stated. He flashed the gun inside the building and caused the small event before he was taken into police custody.

Toledo, Ohio police explained that the student had quarantined himself Monday morning inside one of the hallways located in Scott High School. He was carrying the pellet gun and it had the appearance of a real handgun.

The teenagers, whose name has not been released to the public, was thrown out of one of his classes and sent to a room that serves as a place for students to go who are serving in-school suspensions. This was where he informed a school official that he had a gun. He proceeded to pull it partially from his book bag, explained one of the other students located inside the classroom.

The unnamed student added that the unruly teen was cursing and yelling when he first entered the room.

A teacher inside recommended that he needed to just leave the school and return tomorrow, but he declined. The principal of the high school also was called in and she told the student he was ordered to leave as well or she would call the police.

The boy exclaimed that he was not leaving school grounds and that was when he showed everyone he had the gun.

She said that they all began screaming and ran out of the area.

A police spokesperson by the name of Mark King said that police negotiators were talking with the teenager, age 14, but that he failed to give any sort of reason for transporting the pellet gun to his high school. Police were unable to give any details about what the student’s movements were at the school before any of this happened. The school itself is located just outside downtown Toledo.

The boy held onto the pellet gun but he never aimed it at any of the police during the entire standoff.

The high school was temporarily placed on lockdown and two classrooms that were close to the teenager’s location inside the hallway were emptied.

Police investigators sent a beanbag toward the student’s foot just before he was placed in custody, described the station.

There were no injuries reported with the incident and the region stated that all other students, which were inside the school building, were safe. Any students would be allowed to leave the school grounds if they are with parents who present a photo ID.

A woman who is not involved with the high school, but lives in Toledo, Ohio stated that the student was her nephew. She was present with the teenager’s mother, who had to talk to the police.

The woman said that such actions were very unlike the boy, and that she had no clue what made him do what he did. She does not know what happened to make him take the pellet gun to his school. She explained that she had seen him around a month or so ago and that he had been discussing playing football. She also said the student was a good kid and she was very happy he came out of the situation safe and sound.

Scott High School in Toledo, Ohio has around 605 students, but one now is in police custody due to him bringing the pellet gun to the school.


By Kimberly Ruble

FOX News

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