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Paul Walker to James Dean: Top 5 Celebrity Car Crash Deaths

From Paul Walker to James Dean: Top 5 Celebrity Car Crash DeathsPaul Walker’s untimely death from a car accident this past weekend is another in a long line of celebrity car crash deaths.  Walker was a handsome movie star with new movies coming out and a teenager daughter who had been living with him.  The remains of the Porsche that Walker was a passenger in is barely recognizable.  It’s also rumored that they will need to use his dental records in order to identify him.  It’s a horrible way to die.

Paul Walker isn’t the only celebrity who met their untimely end in a car wreck.  Here is a list of the top five celebrity car crash deaths.

5.  Ryan Dunn – One of the most recent celebrity car crash deaths.  The 34 year-old star of MTV’s Jackass was said to have been driving his Porsche 911 at speeds in excess of 130 mph when he was killed back in June of 2011.  The car wrapped around a tree and was quickly engulfed in flames.  Dunn’s remains were identified by his tattoos and hair.

4.  Jayne Mansfield – Back in June of 1967 the silver screen Goddess Mansfield was traveling from New Orleans to Biloxi where she had been performing in a local nightclub.  Her card, a 1966 Buick Electra, was being driven by nightclub driver Ronald Harrison.  Along with Mansfield, other passengers included her lawyer Samuel Brody and three of her children.  Mansfield’s car rear ended a trailer that had been spraying for mosquitos and subsequently she, Harrison, and Brody were killed instantly.  Her three children, who were sleeping in the back of the car, all survived.

3.  Princess Grace of Monaco – Grace Kelly, former Hollywood starlet turned Princess, was traveling with her daughter Stephanie through Monaco in September of 1982 when her Rover 3500 slammed into a retaining wall and crashed through.  Princess Grace and Stephanie were trapped as the car careened through over 120 feet of trees and branches.  Grace was killed instantly.  Stephanie survived with crash with numerous injuries but wasn’t informed of her mother’s passing until two days after her funeral.

2.  Princess Diana – Quite possibly one of the most upsetting celebrity car crash deaths. Diana had been vacationing in Paris in 1997 with her companion, Dodi Al Fayed.  On the evening of August 31st they had been dining at the Ritz and were attempting to avoid paparazzi who had been stationed outside the restaurant.  Slipping through a back entrance, they were led to a Mercedes sedan being driven by Henri Paul.  With Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Reed-Jones in the front passenger seat and with Diana and Dodi traveling in the back, the vehicle entered Pont de l’Alma tunnel.  Paul veered to the right to pass a car ahead of them and lost control.  The vehicle crashed into an interior wall of the tunnel then slammed into the dividing pillars.  When all was said and done Reed-Jones was the sole survivor.

1.  James Dean – Which leads us to the most shocking celebrity car crash death.  Dean had two successful movies under his belt and was about to release his third.  In September of 1955 Dean was out driving his beloved Porche Spyder, nicknamed the ‘Little Bastard,’ on his way to a race in Salinas, California.  Having been pulled over for going 65 mph in a 55 mph zone, Dean and passenger Rolph Weutherich were just outside of Cholame, California when tragedy hit.  Dean’s Porsche collided head-on with a driver who had just turned left onto the highway.  Weutherich suffered a broken leg as well as head injuries, but Dean wasn’t so fortunate.  Nearly decapitated with multiple fractures to his jaw and massive internal injuries, Dean, only 24 years old, was pronounced dead on the spot.

Paul Walker’s tragic death this past weekend is more than just another celebrity car crash death.  He was a father with a promising career. An avid adventurer who loved the ocean.  His talent will be greatly missed.

By Mary Kay Love


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