Top 20 Video Games of 2013 Part Three-Silver Tier [Video]

Top 20 video games of 2013 Silver tier

Once again welcome back to the countdown of the top 20 video games of 2013. Ten games down, ten to go. A game must be released in the U.S. in 2013 to be eligible for this list and it must not be a re-release, HD remixes etc… If you would missed any of the previous articles and are curious about the games links can be found at the bottom of the article. Now, let us commence with silver tier.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DSThe Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
This is how you revive a classic. This Zelda games takes place on the same map as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past but it is so different that it can easily stand as its own experience. The new additions here such as becoming flat and Ravio’s shop play a role in just about every part of this game. Link’s new power allows him to flatten himself out and traverse the environment in a new way. This means that old locations can be explored in a new way. Old fans with knowledge will be revisiting old favorite locals as well as discovering secrets where none used to be. Some old bosses return and taking them down in whatever fashion you want really adds a spice that was missing before.

Top 20 video games of 2013 Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds

Ravio’s shop was mentioned earlier but that needs to be elaborated upon. The individual Ravio has a shop that rents items to Link for a cost, if you die all rented items return to the store. Luckily Link’s wallet in this game is huge and the game is loaded with secrets and rupees everywhere. This addition means that you can get pretty much whatever you want whenever you want but it doesn’t break the game, just adds to the experience. In addition to heart pieces and money, Link can collect Maiamai babies which is similar to collecting gold skulltula’s in Ocarina of Time but the payout here is an upgrade to something in your inventory. This title will likely impress new players and delight old ones with all that it has to offer.


Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White PlayStation 3Ni no Kuni
What do you get when you combine experienced RPG developer Level-5 and anime powerhouse Studio Ghibli? An adventure that truly feels like being sucked into a colorful world of magic and wonder. Ni no Kuni (Wrath of the White Witch) joins young Oliver as he enters a difficult period of his life, this leads to bringing a close memento to life and learning of a parallel magic world that needs his help. The story is not something exceptionally new but is still so enjoyable in every manner that it doesn’t become a problem.

The battle system involves controlling a familiar to fight for you or you can fight yourself. The game holds your hand for a while but still makes it challenging enough to not get boring. Enemies respawn a bit too much but that is a very small issue. Fans of turn-based RPG’s certainly can find enjoyment in the cooky but ambitious enemies. The bank in the game allows for 400 familiars to be stored and different colors exist allowing for a lot of different party customization. Level-5 certainly has gotten better at making games over the years and this title proves it. When combined with the colorful and interesting minds of those behind movies such as Ponyo, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro, you have a long beautiful customizable storybook on the PlayStation 3. Studio Ghibli fans may also find nods to some of their favorite characters here.

Top 20 video games of 2013 Ni no Kuni

Rayman Legends PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, PlayStation Vita Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox OneRayman Legends on the Wii U

The sequel to Rayman Origins is one platformer that understands level design. Making use of creative mechanics Rayman Legends manages to keep gameplay exciting and creative without feeling stagnant. Multiplayer here is an excellent example of co-op games to play at home with your friends, it is also drop-in and drop-out friendly so people can leave or join easily. Perfect for this title.

The amount of collectables and extra content here fuels the replay value into something almost too good too ignore. Up to 40 levels from Rayman Origins can be unlocked. This game can not be talked about without mentioning the music levels at the end of each chapter. These sing-a-long song levels use the soundtrack to not only keep the player intrigued but to guide them through the length of a level. Over the years the platforming genre has certainly slowed down, but Rayman Legends keeps it going at 100 MPH. Bring some friends and get ready for some wacky fun.

Top 20 video games of 2013 Rayman Legends


The Last of Us PlayStation 3 The Last of Us
The Last of Us is a gaming experience few measure up to. Naughty Dog has been polishing their skills with the Uncharted series but The Last of Us showcases all of their skills in one package. The story is so emotionally hitting that it truly pulls at your heart strings. This game puts you on edge, it creates a mood that is hard to ignore. This title is one that makes people question the differences between video games and movies.

The story and characters are so important that it affects combat. Being sneaky is not only beneficial for conserving ammo but it feels like the questionable moral behaviour that is necessary to survive in such a time. Due to the state of the world being so cutthroat you fight a lot of humans. This not only affects you the player but also your character in-game. The experience here is one that is visually stunning with environments that are sure to stun. Having a PlayStation 3 and not owning this title is may or may not be punishable by law.

The Last of Us


Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto V
Breaking records left and right, this title has kept many occupied for a long time and Rockstar games hopes to keep that going. With constant free DLC this title will have a steady flow of continual content for a long time. The story in this title switches between three protagonists. This idea helps to give different personalities and add a bigger scope to the grand scheme of the plot going on here. It also gives players the opportunity to tackle the game in different manners.

The detail here is easily praiseworthy. The city of Los Santos gives players tons to explore and play around with. Most things are intractable, if you wont to go on a roller coaster, you can, if you want to play tennis, you can. The sheer volume of things to do and see and explore make this title a game that many can pick up, have a good time with, and put down. Not to mention the use of cheat codes is still a blast. Will Rockstar games be able to make anything better than this? That future is still a long ways away so until then enjoy playing GTA V in any and every way you like.  Sandbox fun for the win.

Top 20 video games of 2013 GTA V

Surprised? Angry? Happy? Feel free to leave a comment and come back for the final installment of the top 20 video games of 2013. Remember that this article is to share opinions and hopefully intrigue players to try something excellent that they may have missed. Every game included in these lists is exceptional and we thank all that worked to bring such creations to life.

By Garrett Jutte
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