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Twitter, in what appears to be somewhat of a response to the revolutionary approach of Snapchat, has decided to add the ability to share photos within private messages. Twitter has just hit the market with the release of its new version 6.0 for its iOS app. Twitter of course, has been recently chatted about for its big IPO debut, coming about a year after Facebook decided to go public. It’s interesting to see the new feature added by Twitter, which takes on new meaning considering the actions of Snapchat to turn down a multi-billion dollar offer from Facebook.

Users and non-users alike marveled at the Snapchat decision to refuse the Facebook $3 billion, apparently believing itself to be worth significantly more than what it was offered. The Snapchat decision will eventually be shown a good or bad decision, but for now it is in the past and the market will wait and see what happens. Twitter on the other hand, has decided to brave the public markets and see whether it can start and sustain a pattern of earning nice gains for its new stakeholders. The criticisms of Twitter, leveled by those who were wary of its future prospects, was that the social media company did not show enough earning power to support its IPO price. Nay-sayers also suggested that it could not sustainably create and grow its profit potential into the long-term. While it is clearly too early to make definitive judgments regarding these criticisms, it’s so far so good for Twitter and friends.

Twitter is and has been mostly recognized for its 140 character hashtag blurbs that can be seen publicly. The entire idea that makes the online phenomenon famous is this hashtag craze, in which someone can put their words down and have them be viewed by anyone on the web. This has been the primary use of Twitter since its inception. The idea of using Twitter for the purpose of private messaging however, has not been able to keep up with the other internet platforms which allow for private messaging. Due to Myspace and Facebook preceding the Twitter craze, along with the fact that the afore mentions platforms offered highly used messaging features, Twitter, which is primarily a broadcasting platform did not have any reason to expect success in the private messaging section of social networking.

In a recent move however, Twitter has taken a clear swing at Snapchat by deciding to include photo sharing ability within its private messaging feature. This move by the social media company is sure to change the game a bit for users of Twitter. The new move allows for a peek into the long-term plans of Twitter, which by its recent actions shows that it is aiming to make a big move into the private messaging aspect of social networking. The company has made a few changes regarding some tabs and features, but the main story is that they have made a concrete move signaling their desire to move into the direct messaging platform in a big way. Users, along with stakeholders, eagerly await what Twitter’s decision to add photo sharing will spell for the company’s future.

By Daniel Worku

LA Times

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